Archos Confirms That You Disembark in The Market of Smartphones in 2013

by | April 20, 2017

It was an open secret, and is before the Mobile World Congress there were already rumours and it was thought the three filtered devices, indicating that Archos was preparing its own smartphones, they would be known in the Barcelona fair.

Now, the French manufacturer It has been finally confirmed the news, taking advantage of the publication of financial results and the appointment of Henri Crohas as CEO of the company.

Thus, Archos has confirmed its good health despite the economic Europe climate, because it has managed to drop only 10% in revenue, growth in the Asian market 40% despite the regression in the old continent.

In addition, the French are kept in the third position of the Tablet market below 400 euros, just below Apple and Samsung, which gives them arguments despite being a very small manufacturer.

In regards to smartphones, little else told that confirm that 2013 will be the year of the Archos landings in this market, although according to the priorities of the company, We hope terminals contained costs to compete in a market in which the distribution of terminal operators subsidized loses bellows.

The previous leaks spoke of three phones, the 35 coal, Titanium 52 and 48 Platinum markings that would indicate the screen size and range, where the best of them, the 48 Platinum, was estimated at a price of 249 euro, more than attractive.

You have more information about these filtered terminals on the link below: