Arriving in Bangkok

Arriving in Bangkok

If you fly from Finland to Thailand, there are good connections from the airports to the rest of Bangkok and also to the rest of Thailand. If you arrive in Bangkok by bus from nearby or elsewhere in Thailand, it can stop at many different places, such as airports, near Khao San Road, or one of Bangkok’s actual bus stations. Those arriving in Bangkok by rail can be missed at many different stations, but only the main railway station, which is next to the Chinese district, has excellent public transport connections to the rest of the city.

The easiest way from many stations is to get anywhere by taxi. It’s important to make sure the driver puts the meter on, as the fixed price they mention is always at least twice what the trip will eventually cost. In Bangkok, you can take a quarter-trip taxi for a couple of euros, or 60 to 70 baht.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Moving from airports to other parts of the city

Bangkok has two airports, both of which are within walking distance of the city center. However, trips are easy and it is also easy to travel between airports with a free bus ride.


Almost all airlines passing through Finland and also Aeroflot land at an airport called Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). From there, there are many different ways to move to the rest of the city, and a lot depends on where you are going.

Airport Rail Link

From Suvarnabhumi Airport, it is easiest to get to some parts of Bangkok like Pratunam or Sukhumvit on the ground, by an overhead train (Airport Rail Link). You can stay away from it in many different places or you can walk to the terminal station (Phaya Thai), from where you can continue your journey by subway, BTS train, taxi or other means of transport wherever you want to go. The price of the trip depends on where you are going, but the trip will survive at a maximum of 45 baht. It is easy to navigate to the airport train station as the road is well signposted.

The journey takes half an hour, and if you want to change to the metro (MRT), visit it at Makkasan station, which is a short distance from the metro station, and at the terminal station (Phaya Thai) you can change to another overground train (BTS).


From Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can take a bus to another location, and it is recommended if the hotel is located in, for example, Banglamphu, or around Khao San Road. The bus also stops at other stations, from where the journey can be continued by BTS train or metro, but such a ride is heavy and can take an hour.

The Public Transportation Center is not right next to the airport, but can be reached by a 35-baht bus ride. Public buses leave from there, but this is not a recommended ride for those who don’t know Bangkok particularly well.

Better is the Limo Bus, which departs from outside the first floor of the airport, from the same place as taxis, and the signs make it easy to navigate. The Limo Bus runs along two different routes through various stations such as subway stations to Khao San Road or Siam Square, which has a BTS station. The bus route is clearly displayed on the website and the journey takes 45-60 minutes. The most sensible ride for this is for those who go to Silom or Khao San Road, but it makes no sense to go to Phaya Thai. Tickets for the bus are available both on the website and at the airport’s Ticket Office.

Information on all bus connections is available on the airport website.



The easiest way for those who are in Bangkok for the first time and who are traveling with two or more is to use a taxi . Taxis are cheap in Bangkok, and a trip from the airport to the rest of the city by no means costs much more than ten euros. Although 50 baht will be added to the total, plus motorway tolls of up to about 70 baht, but a taxi ride is still affordable.

To get a taxi ride, all you have to do is go to the taxi queue on the first floor and tell at the counter where you are going. It is a good idea to write the address of the accommodation on a piece of paper, so that ambiguities can be avoided, and it is a good idea to keep the accommodation on the map of your mobile phone or tablet.

Don Mueang

Don Mueang Airport is rarely landed by planes from Europe to Bangkok, but if the plane lands there, there are a few different ways to get to the rest of the city.


The Private Limo Bus is the easiest bus ride to the rest of the city. It runs to Khao San Road and Phaya Thai, for example, and you can see the exact routes on the website. The ticket can be purchased in advance on the website or at the ticket office on site.

The most affordable ride from the airport to the rest of the city is by public bus (about 20 baht). There are four different connections and they leave from the same place, i.e. from the first floor at gate 6. They run to Khao San Road, Lumphini Park, Victory Monument and nearby Mo Chit BTS Station. From stops other than Khao San Road, there is a subway or BTS connection to the rest of the city. Tickets are cheap but the ride takes quite a long time.

Information on all bus connections is available on the airport website.


The easiest thing for almost everyone is to follow the signs and go to the taxi queue, telling you the goal, which is good to write carefully on the tag. A taxi ride is reasonably priced and will probably cost less than 10 euros, but a 50 baht surcharge will be added to the price.

From one airport to another

If you want to move immediately from one airport to another, there is a free bus between them .