Atlantic City – the Home of Monopoly and Miss America

Atlantic City – the Home of Monopoly and Miss America

Of course you can fly to Las Vegas if you like to sit at the gaming table or the one-armed bandit. However, there is also an alternative to the desert city in Nevada. It’s on the other end of the United States, in New Jersey, and thus on the east coast of the continent. We’re talking about Atlantic City; a city that has gone through various ups and downs with its gambling dens and casinos. According to animalerts, Atlantic City is one of the largest cities in New Jersey.

To this day, gambling is the first association most people associate with the name Atlantic City. This is not least due to the fact that the fate of the city has been brought closer to younger viewers in particular through the lavishly filmed US television series “Boardwalk Empire” since 2010. Atlantic City has more to offer than roulette and poker, but the city has not (yet) been able to change its reputation and image in the long term.

It’s actually a shame, because almost two billion dollars have been invested in the gaming and leisure paradise in recent years. This opened up new groups of visitors to the city, which is now attracting wealthier guests again. They no longer come by bus as day trippers from New York City, but land in a private jet at Atlantic City International Airport. Located just twelve miles outside the city, it now connects Atlantic City with all relevant airports in the USA.

A city trumps

So what’s Atlantic City in New Jersey now besides casinos? Absolutely everything you generally need to feel absolutely comfortable in your free time. That already starts with the location of the city. The famous promenade, the “Boardwalk”, stretches between the skyline on the one hand and the Atlantic on the other. At night, the millions of lights in the luxury hotels and casinos are reflected in the water and create an almost unique atmosphere of aesthetics, pleasure and enjoyment. The fact that luxury hostels have now been allowed to open without any gaming operations on the Boardwalk testifies to the seriousness of the city fathers in renewing Atlantic City over the long term. You can of course still play. But if you don’t care, you can now relax in great spa and wellness facilities that offer the latest beauty and fitness trends.

The new luxury world of Atlantic City also includes first-class restaurants. Every kitchen in the world is represented in Atlantic City. However, if you want to become a restaurant in a top location, you need a big name. No wonder, then, that everything that has rank and fame in the USA in terms of cooking and cuisine can be found on the Boardwalk. Nevertheless, with over 27 million visitors a year, the really good restaurant tables (such as those by Wolfgang Puck) are always in great demand. If you have no personal relationship with the manager, it is best to make a reservation through the hotel reception or to order a table from home.

Someone who has also sought his fortune in Atlantic City for a long time is the current President of the USA, Donald Trump. His hotels and casinos are said to have had little success there on the east coast. So Trump belongs to that era of Atlantic City that was marked by decline. Such phases have occurred several times and only one event has withstood it. Since the twenties, the election for “Miss America” ​​has always taken place in Atlantic City. Since exceptions confirm the rule, it should not be concealed that there was a seven-year break. During this time the most beautiful of the states would be chosen in Las Vegas.

Warning, bargain alert!

Of course, shopping is also part of a well-kept leisure time. Atlantic City really doesn’t have to hide in this regard. For shopping, the city has real luxury temples of material goods. Not a big brand that doesn’t have a fancy shop in town. This applies to American institutions such as Tiffany & Co. as well as to the European crème de la crème in the field of fashion, beauty and jewelry. This is definitely good news for travelers whose budget is not quite as large as that of the rich and famous. You can indulge in various outlets where the luxury brands sell their overproduction at the end of a season. Since outlets in the US deserve their name, real bargains are possible.

Water sports and golf right on the Atlantic

The direct location on the Atlantic Ocean also predestines Atlantic City to be a sporty city. All kinds of water sports can be practiced here. Those who enjoy hiking should visit New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse, the Absecon Lighthouse. There are 228 steps to climb, and you are rewarded with a fantastic view of the sea and Atlantic City.

But even in autumn and winter, when it is a little uncomfortable in the Atlantic, there is no boredom in Atlantic City. The city is now also famous for its great golf courses. Alternatively, the nightlife offers plenty of opportunities to dance.
Speaking of nightlife. Entertainment is very important in Atlantic City. Similar to Las Vegas, you can also find great shows by famous singers, magicians and theater companies here.

If someone does not like it themselves, then all that remains is a cozy board game in the hotel lobby. Can we recommend “Monopoly”? The American edition of this classic is waiting for you Atlantic City street names and places on.

Atlantic City in a nutshell

  • The “Boardwalk” directly on the Atlantic is the promenade par excellence in the city
  • New luxury hotels are now opening even without an integrated casino
  • Gourmets are spoiled for choice in the city
  • The best conditions for water sports and golf
  • Abescon Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey

Atlantic City, NJ