Audio and Video-Tips for Choosing a Voice Recorder

The digital voice recorder today nobody is surprised. The recording function of audio files exists even in the simplest of models of телефоновсмартфонах tablets. Through mobile devices, you can save a family of lima first words of a child, however, if its activities you usually record speech, reports and interviews, it is better to buy a voice recorder, especially since they have very modest dimensions. The width of most devices of about 40 mm, of a thickness not exceeding 20 mm and length of 100 to 130 мм.

Who needs a voice recorder

Separately, the useful recording device:

  • students-for recording lectures;
  • reporters, writers, sociologists, to collect information in order to follow the treatment;
  • Executive Assistants – to record meetings and negotiations;
  • managers and buyers ‘ secret to the assessment of the level of customer service employees;
  • bloggers and other creative personalities – to record your thoughts, observations and drawings further work;
  • people seek the recognition of their rights in the courts, for the presentation of evidence of misconduct and т. д.

Choose the recorder

The purchase of a voice recorder, you need to decide what you will write. For your own reflections rather simple primitive device microphone and recording quality. Reporters worth watching on the amount of memory, because they have to record and process large amounts of information. Lectures, presentations and meetings for best record into a powerful unit with microphone sensor.
In addition, when you select the recorder has a value of audio file format, able to connect to your computer and also the presence of more options. For example, when working in different environments will be useful the possibility to adjust the microphone sensitivity. And if you need a voice recorder for use outside the Office, securities will be extended, which enables not only write but also listening, put tags, and so on.

Characteristics of records

The sound quality and file size affect the following indicators.
Frequency range. For most models is 40 to 20,000 Hz. Maximum can reach of 44,000 Hz, but the frequency is required only for professional music recording. Human speech, can record a device with a 100-4000 Hz rate.
The number of recording channels. Most models of budget works in mono mode, so expensive as the devices can be of 2 to 8 channels. Stereo sound, enough to write многоголосных conversations and music, is achieved when you have 2 channels. If the recorder that you want to use for lectures, conducting interviews, where the speaker will speak 1 person, it is better to acquire a device capable of recording in mono: the lack of other voices allow you to hear all the words, and the device will cost cheaper.

The recording format. The amount of formats that it supports, burner does not affect much the your price.

  • MP3 – the most popular recording format: audio files occupy little space, you can hear in most modern devices, but the quality a bit lost.
  • WMA files are obtained from larger size, that recording audio in MP3 format, but differ.
  • WAV is a standard format for storing high quality audio.
  • PCM-writer writes uncompressed, therefore, is ensured above all high quality sound. However, these files take up a lot of space.
  • DSS-this format is characterized by strong compression, high recording quality and small file size. Suitable for conducting an interview.
  • REC – some voice recorders use to store these files own interior format.

When selecting the burner, make sure that it writes the files in MP3, WAV or WMA. Such records will be read easily from any device. If the writer works only in the PCM format, DSS, you will need to install a special program, the public, the computers from which you want to hear an audio recording.
The quality of the recording. In most recorders, you can adjust the recording quality. We must remember that this parameter depends directly from maximum operating time of the device. Putting low quality, you will be able to record more hours of talks. The ideal is considered the quality bit rate of 128 kbps; but the rate of 64 kbit/s can get, if you plan to надиктовывать information, keeping the appliance near the mouth. Generally, the technical documentation to specify the maximum recording time of low (LP) and high quality (HQ) quality. The first bookmark on the order, more than the second: If the low quality of audio files, some devices can record continuously for over 90 суток100 hours without recharging.

Memory capacity

No matter the size, the writer may have internal or external memory. The internal memory size can vary from 2 Mb to 32 Gb, most devices is 2-4 Gb. From this parameter depends directly on the price of the appliance. The cheaper models may have a small amount of memory. In this case, better information on external memory cards. Working with the device, with a large margin of free space for recording, more convenient, however, the cost of such apparatus. Some voice recorders has no internal memory at all. In this case, the information is stored on external storage. Ideally, if the writer is equipped with internal memory and a slot for connecting flash cards.

Sometimes, users encounter a problem: still got free from memory, but the device is not recording a new fragment. This is related to the restriction of maximum number of files and folders (up to 5000 messages), so when you expect short conversations with a large number of people, the best is to buy the highest model.

Type of feed

The operating time of the writer is defined the type of feed. Distinguish the following varieties labels devices:

  • powered by internal batteries;
  • working from batteries or rechargeable batteries of type AA;
  • with the power supply and the battery.

Best buy appliance with internal rechargeable battery and USB power capability. Battery (fully charged fully discharged a power item) depends on the battery capacity, can therefore be as 7-20 часов3 and more than a day.

Additional resources

Advanced recorders models can have a number of useful features:

  • voice activation-saves space, write the file ending in silence and re-start a job to resume conversation;
  • AGC-automatic gain control, operating without user intervention: If the sound source is too far, then the signal is amplified and, if a voice too close to the microphone creates interference, reduces sensitivity;
  • the presence of an LCD screen with backlight, which shows quality indicators selected recording time and battery charging, as well as other parameters;
  • the possibility of installing any other microphone and adjust sensitivity;
  • the possibility of selecting mode – allows you to set the sensitivity level of the microphone depending on the environment: “the interview”, “on the street” and others;
  • timer, on which you can set the time to turn on the voice recorder;
  • built-in speaker or headphone jack to listen to an audio file, without the use of a laptop or other device;
  • to connect a computer connector-allows transfer of files on a PC, connecting to it via a USB cable or directly;
  • write protection-gives аудиозаписям great force;
  • indexing allows you to highlight some aspects of audio and quickly if necessary.

Some models have an internal clock, alarms, cabinets and lanterns, and also the possibility of blocking buttons. Some devices can be equipped with digital cameras and radio. Choosing the recorder, remember that a lot of other functions, increases the price, so you’d better limited to just need a set of options.

The cost of tape recorders

The cheaper models digital recorders cost 1.5 -2 тыс. ру . Such devices are of 1 recording channel 2 internal memory to 8 Gb, LCD display, speaker, battery charge indicators and the recording time, headphone connectors and connection to the computer. Some devices can be used as a flash drive, and also include the functions of hours, indexing, locking buttons and revitalization. With most of the budget writers are made from big brands, which guarantees an excellent quality of devices.

Voice recorders with two recording channels, providing stereo sound, you can buy by 3-6 тыс. руб. They record high quality files, which require a lot of space, so many times, in addition to internal memory, they still have the ability to connect the SD card.
Voice recorders with 16 to 32 Gb internal memory cost between 7 to 35 тыс. руб. They have 1-2 recording channel and a variety of useful functions: change the microphone sensitivity, the ability to take pictures and т. д. In the same price category are included in miniature, voice recorders, the length and the width not exceeding the size of a credit card.

So, buy a quality device for fixing your thoughts may be of only a few thousand rubles, while model, recording lectures, seminars, press conferences and other events with large numbers of participants, cost less than 3 тыс. руб.