BANIA – Outdoor and Trekking Boots Now At Mctrek

More than half a century ago, the cornerstone of the successful company to date was laid in Upper Franconia through the shoe Modeller Eugen Brütting. Since then, with the development of the worn by the elite runners and legendary “Roadrunner”, about the founding of GEKA (1973) and the inclusion of the brand “LICO” (1991) up to its own brand of “EB-Kids” (2007), the company continues the long success story.

Bania today stands for sport, lifestyle and fashion, which is represented in the shoe – as well as in the sports retail market. In addition it succeeded to integrate trends over the long term in the program. Trendy design, good quality, as well as the very good price-performance ratio is characteristic for a Bania.

Outdoor & Trekking shoes or boots of Bania basically provided with a VIBRAM® sole and convince your COMFORTEX membrane.

Vibram® rubber composite materials consist of a special rubber compound that guarantees maximum grip on variable ground and terrain. The durability of this material ensures that the technical properties are preserved during the whole lifetime of the sole.

Another plus is the Comfortex climate membrane with excellent moisture protection. The combination of these composites developed for the most diverse weather conditions in our entire collection of trekking guarantee highest wearing comfort in all situations.