Best Lluetooth Headphones Sennheiser. Momentum 2.0

by | May 29, 2016

For less than 350 euros, we find the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 which we discussed more fully on the page. It is another model of Wireless headphones Sennheiser. In a short time already became one of the Favorites of the House since they left a few years ago. Wired first and later decided to “cut you” threads. After trying them there was no doubt in that it was the best on-ear never facts. Noise cancelling (ANC) was the best we’ve seen in the mark.

Best price found: €349

These Sennheiser headphones are one of the few in the club of the Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec and also comes with NFC. So basically you can connect them just by touching the ear-muff with your device for a couple of seconds. If you don’t always want you can do it the old-fashioned, looking for it in the section on adjustments and options and will work equally. Assuming that you don’t have a device with wireless functionality also use cable 3.5 mm typical. Something that helps if you see that the battery if you are exhausting but you want them to continue to use.

The try the battery lasts 21 hours including ANC, which is more than enough for most people, but someone like me forget connect them when the battery is exhausted so always it is good to have this option in the bedroom. I can speak from experience how frustrating it can be to go home with a pair of Sennheiser headphones (or any other name), waiting for a full day of battery to give you features that soon now they are dying. With these you won’t, if you remember to carry the cable, clear.


Apart from these features, these helmets Sennheiser also have the NoiseGard technology that uses four small buses to block external noise possible. If you’re a type of person who likes silence when listening to music but usually found in sounds unpleasant situations, you probably want to buy these. It also helps in matters of sound quality because there is less audio distracting yourself floating on the part of the ear.

The sound is first class, and even though the Momentum 2.0 are headphones Sennheiser with a good amount of bass, tend to be successful if you like highlighted bass. That said, if what is going is a well got sound, they do a good job either Bluetooth version or without. The frequency response is between 16 and 22 kHz, so you should not have problems listening to all that music has to offer.

For what it does to the quality of construction and materials, it won’t be anything rare for you if you’ve already tried the series Momentum. They have a kind of steel that does not stain, adjust, headband type and are wrapped in leather. In conclusion, are an solid and surprisingly light option when the usas, considering its size.

Speaking of size and lightness, this version is now more portable because they can fold with a hard cover. You can buy them from color ivory or black. Sennheiser tube that stop the sales a bit to solve the problem of the Bluetooth when they first came out, but already is fixed. Remember that we talked about them in full in his review here.