Boots: How to Value the Silhouette with Models of High

Next, see tips for wearing high, high and short boots, and valuing your own physical type-and look-with each one. Check it!

Textures, colors and prints for boots reinvent themselves every fall and winter season. What does not change is the need to have a boot in the wardrobe! But each model of footwear, which can have very high, short or short pipes, requires a look that values ​​it. Here are tips for using each model.

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High-heeled boot(above knee)

Sabrina Sato , Giovanna Ewbank  and Angelica  are adept at the trend of the very high boot, which ends above the knee and can be worn beneath a dress or skirt adjusted to the body, for example, or with pantyhose and even the exposed skin .”The model is suitable for long-legged women, who have long legs. Shorts can also wear, but they must choose a high-heeled boot to ‘lengthen’ the silhouette and can not leave the skin exposed and always wear a pair of pantyhose of the same shade,” suggests Adriana Naccarato , personal stylist. A space of skin or colored cloth between the boot and the skirt can make the woman look even smaller.“But anyone who is tall can let a strip of skin appear, can wear with legging or with colored pantyhose ,” he teaches.


boot(below the knee) The high-top boot is a key piece of the ladies’ wardrobe, especially the mounts model.”It’s the easiest to use,” says a personal stylist. Even so, it requires care when being incorporated into the look.”The boot can not get tight in the calf. If you stay, it is better not to wear it with skirt or dress and prefer leggings or pantyhose to complete the look,”warns Adriana. High-top boots-for example the thin-tipped one, which helps visually stretch the silhouette of the short-can be worn with jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts or dress-between boot and clothing, when not A pant, you need to leave a space of 15 to 20 inches and avoid midi length.“The riding boot is only used outside the pants, which has to fit just inside and have the same tone of the footwear,” he suggests.

Short boot(height of ankle)

“The short-barreled model is the hardest to use,” says Adriana Naccarato. It is that the boot at the ankle can flatten the silhouette and make the woman who is already short look even smaller. The alternative, in this case, is to wear shoes with pantyhose of the same color and not to compose a contrasting look. Like the other models, the short-leg boot can be worn with trousers, shorts, skirts or dresses.”The midi length, it must be stressed, must be avoided. Clothes need to be above the knee to enhance the look. And when wearing pants, you can put it on the outside of the boot as long as it’s a bell-shaped or flare model,” argues the personal stylist.