Camilla’s revelation: Jersey vs. solid material was for boats and

sorry if this article is a bit disjointed. But I sit and write very spontaneously on a mixture of personal enthusiasm (as you can in no way need to share) and disbelief. For I just on several plans got me something of a revelation.

it all takes its beginnings at the most recent editorial meeting, where Kristine and I planned article jersey vs. solid. The idea takes its point of departure in the following:

Jersey, there is a soft material, will be shaped by the body, while a solid material forms the body, understood in the sense that it camouflages.

the idea began to buzz in our heads already back in august, when Kristine came home from a Zizzi-arrangement with a skirt in jersey, which was

to me.

I looked at her and announced that she might be åndsvag, for the skirt I’d never get to use, precisely because it would take shape after my stomach one and two. I tried the skirt and pointed at my stomachs in order to emphasise that Kristine was completely out of exaggerated when she thought the skirt was something for me. And so it was put back in the cupboard.

But Kristine has, of course, in no way åndsvag. And thus billedede for nine weeks ago found this way to our Instagram (follow us on @bridgatdk):

image was accompanied by the following text:
“It’s not quite right to see., but this here pencil skirt is in jersey, which cling a little more over the belly and ass than I normally like. Why has the skirt yet never left the land. But it makes the right around a little. For today is one of those days where I don’t have the slightest need to camouflage a single delle because I just gundglad in the lid “.

since then I’ve been using my jersey skirt with greatest pleasure. It is for nederdelenes in response to the soft pants. Due to the soft fabric is the more than ordinary comfortable to wear. It’s almost like to have hyggetøj on, although I have done a little out of myself.

today has it all taken a new twist. For after taking the pictures to what should have been the day’s original article, I looked at my husband and said with disbelief in his voice:
– The article, I can not write, because there is almost no difference in the photos.

it’s jersey skirt without belt.

And it is here where it is “just” should have been a guide article suddenly became a bit of a revelation for me. For I have all my plus size-life avoided jersey skirts, because I had decided that the soft fabric was not something for my stomach and ass. And though I never ever before in august had tried a jersey skirt. Based on my knowledge of that jersey will be shaped by the body, I had just taken the decision many years ago, to the kind of clothing was not something for me.

I admit it gladly. Thus comes this article to add it pretty close up of my column from earlier this week (move limits and get compliments – opens in new window) just with the headline:
Try something new with the chance to be positive surprised. But it can, in my view, cannot be said often enough that many of the limitation we put on ourselves is about how we think and not care about what others think of us.

And it must certainly not be called themselves. While I Knight on a wave of enthusiasm, I just gave a break to buy this here:

Jumpsuit, up to size 56, ca. 270 USD, Inspire New Look at ASOS

Without ever having tried a jumpsuit, I have written off, that it might be something for me. But now I’m trying … it may well be that I will be pleasantly surprised. I promise that I will report on the purchase regardless of how it ends.

Skirt in jersey, up to size 4XL, 179 USD + shipping, H & M

Skirt in solid material, up to size 50, $ 299.95., Bon’a Parte


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