Cap Toe Slingback Shoe Turns Fever between Fashionistas

Elegance is a keyword to describe  the cap toe slingback shoe. After all, with Chanel it could not be any different, could it?  The model idealized by mademoiselle in 1957 is characterized by being bicolor: black in beak and light in length. Now it is returning with everything to the fashion scene and guarantees a touch of sophistication to any look.

Cap Toe Slingback Shoe Turns Fever between Fashionistas

The iconic designer created the model with a simple goal: to ensure the printing of smaller feet. But the classic contrast between  light and dark resulted in a sophisticated shoe, in line with the style of the French. To bring the cap toe slingback back into the limelight, it was the Chanel brand that presented it on the runways in its 2015-2016 winter parade.

Cap toe slingback: how to use?

The current version of the cap toe slingback maintains the format idealized by Chanel: bicolor-nude and black -, low heel and opening at the heel. The shoe is a sure-fire choice for a stylish look at any time of the day, whether at work, an important meeting or a dinner party.

Interesting fact in relation to the capee slingback is that, as well as already beating the street style of bloggers and fashionistas around the globe, it appears in both chic and the most deprived  compositions. This is another plus point about the model: its versatility.

Cap Toe Slingback Shoe Turns Fever between Fashionistas 1

So, if you want to adhere to the cap toe in an  extremely sophisticated look, à la Costanza Pascolato, the tip is to use the shoe with leather pants, tweed dress, pencil skirt, trousers or tailoring pants, in the same French style. The result is a chic look through simplicity. Totally Chanel.

But if your goal is to make use of the cap toe slingback for a hipper production, in line with  street style, the alternatives are too broad. It is worth coordinating the shoe with printed dresses, boyfriend jeans, flare overalls and even a white shorts. These combinations are perfect for a stylish New Year look as well.

Summer shoes 2016

The slingback toe cap is a  wildcard shoe  for the  summer. But if you do not fall for the model, know that you can bet on some other stylish shoes that promise to draw attention to the season. Here are some of them:

Gladiator sandal

Cap Toe Slingback Shoe Turns Fever between Fashionistas 2

Sandal with  multiple straps  in gladiator style, was the highlight of the parade Collci of São Paulo Fashion Week Summer 2016 To dive headlong into the trend, invest in models with straps to the knee.


The clogs also promise to stir up this hot season. With suede finishes, tacks, fringes and the traditional  wooden heel, these rustic clogs guarantee a folk air unparalleled in production. They are the face of summer.


For those who do not give up  comfort, the flatforms-shoes with the platform straight-promise to succeed. The model has already painted on the runways of brands like Prada and Chanel and fell in the likes of bloggers fashionistas, like the Italian Chiara Ferragni.

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Cap Toe Slingback Shoe Turns Fever between Fashionistas 3