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The Story of the Yellow Boots of Timberland

Despite having become an icon of fashion, the history of the Yellow Boots of Timberland is intimately linked to the american workers and their needs in the busyness of day-to-day, which is not surprising when we talk about classic pieces of the wardrobe male, as functionality and resistance are common in this context. Innovative Technology The big turning point… Read more »

Boots Outfit

in the spring? Yes, it goes also times and the whole equal Day and Night. In the first outfit you see about ten decades of clothes on me.The oldest is the cardigan.At the time of H & M and I guess eight to ten years old.She is not going to (am not sure if she… Read more »

How to Use: All Black!

For almost 50 years, Givenchy would create a model of clothing that would last forever. Audrey Hepburn’s most famous short film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,”was released in the most famous film of his career. From then on the black dress became a key piece in the women’s wardrobe, saving us from many events where we do not know what to… Read more »

To Make this Mothers Day Gift

One more very special date is approaching and with it comes the difficult task of finding a suitable gift. If you already understand that pot is not present and will risk an outfit or accessory for your mom(or buy something for your wife, for small children), it’s worth considering a few things:

High-Waisted Shorts: Pictures and Tips

The high waist on the parts of female clothing such as pants, shorts, skirts and shorts make great success, and even with the entry of winter the high waist promises to continue in evidence throughout the station. High-waisted clothes already sets in the years 70 and 80 occupied again the parts space with low waist.The high… Read more »

Back to School with Kidy

Inside the different tastes and styles of Brazilian children, Kidy prepared a wide and varied selection of back-to-school models, with the aim of transforming this much awaited return by the children’s audience in a moment of comfort and style.