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With or without sleeves? Here you decide

do you know what with that you try a really nice dress that fits well and accentuates it, the must – but so is the sleeveless? If you are not yet ready to show the world your upper arms you with the warranty, so hang the dress back – no matter how nice it is.… Read more »

Interview: how to, in joined peace with my body

– It is a universal falsehood, that just because you’re thin, you are happy. Why do we just lose weight five kilograms to be happy? However, buy some clothes that fit in place of. So cash says journalist Andrea Bak, who has written the book “Final peace with your body”. For Andrea Bak, it has… Read more »

Colorful glamour

It is difficult not to be happy on several plans, when you fall over the American designer Jasmine Elbers creations under the name Jibri. Happy because Jasmine Elbers designer clothing that is very far from the traditional basic goods such as plustøj often comes in. Happy because she mostly uses strong colors. Happy because prices… Read more »

It ‘ yes ‘ to the Marina Rinaldi

this year debuts the Italian luxury brand Marina Rinaldi, there is Max Maras plus size-brand, with a wedding dress collection. It is a small collection, but with beautiful dresses, proving that it is possible to design lightweight, feminine and not at least contemporary Bridal dresses for plus size women.

Now available GAP up two str. 52

American GAP has in a few years running a European Web store, and now they have expanded the sizes, so both trousers, tops and dresses, and much more are available up to size 52/XXL, while jeans go up to size 35. Please note that Gap also has a maternity line, and that you can also… Read more »

Sale: Makes a coup for the summer wardrobe-it

There are outlets with more of our favorite-webshops. Sorry we have deadlines, but there are great opportunities to get a little new to the cloakroom to spot price. BOOTH There are up to 50 percent to save on a great many fine styles. Navigate via the menu on the left side. Sale at Boden –… Read more »

Become a model for a day

it’s pictures like this that have inspired the Lone Staalsen B S to its photo project. She hopes that some of the Curves Aheads readers are going to want to be with. Even a Danish beach is perhaps less Caribbean to look at.

Plus size are also sexy

Plus size-women in swimsuits are too sexy! It is the message of a new series of pictures which the webshop Swimsuits for all has just launched. Here they have created their own version of this year’s legendary swimwear home at the magazine Sports Illustrated. The magazine has become famous for the sexy cover pages with… Read more »

Thin model also make clothes for thick women

Twiggy became known as the meeeget thin model in 1960 ’ ies. With his short hair and big eyes, she was the embodiment of Swingin ’ London and Carnaby Street. Today’s Twiggy even said anything older. She is still slim, and those big eyes blinking still as model – as for Marks & Spencer, which… Read more »