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The Importance of Pets in the Family!

The pets bring benefits for the whole family, because they provide good experiences and new learning. Can help to the level of socialization, loyalty, spontaneity, companionship, friendship, a sense of responsibility, respect, and love, in addition to ensuring moments of happiness and relaxation to all. The coexistence between animals and human beings has been suffering… Read more »

Osteoarthritis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Despite not having a cure, osteoarthritis is a disease that can be controlled through medicines and daily exercises of stimulation. The osteoarthritis is a disease that is characterized by a degenaração in the joints, causing symptoms such as stiffness and joint pain and swelling, as well as the difficulty of the movements. Despite being a degenerative disease,… Read more »

Best Fruits for Pregnant Women

Gestation is a phase in a woman’s life where she has to properly care for herself so as to provide all the conditions for her baby to grow and develop perfect and strong. The feeding of the pregnant woman is therefore of great importance, since it is through the food ingested that the baby receives… Read more »

White, Spring-Summer 2011 Off Charged Denim

Loaded with denim and above all with an aesthetic very sixties and rocker. White It has backed the return to the origins of the pop tendency in aesthetics (the denim as exponent of designs) but reinventing the concept and adapting it to the new times. Do you mean this? So if we take a look at the advertising campaign that… Read more »