Cctv Connectors: the Top Choices of the Market

In addition to good equipment (Cameras, DVRS), you need to choose the best connectors for CCTV.

Cctv Connectors: the Top Choices of the Market

I say this because, with low quality, you will not be able to use the full potential of your equipment.

The basic connection you will need to make to use your first camera will be that of a BNC (video) and a P4 (power).

It may seem simple, but if it’s your first installation experience, you can give it a little work. Cables, if badly connected, will not work properly.

But do not worry. Let’s help you from now on.

First, have patience, since working with wiring requires a lot of attention!

Well, you have to know that the P4 connectors with (power) terminal usually receive 12 volts charge from the sources. The other connector, BNC 5057, is for video transmission.

The wires are soft but sensitive equipment. And on the CCTV connectors you need to insert a mesh and a part of the middle of the wire via SecurityPology.

This service is the same as that of pay-TV technicians, it is practically the same procedure, but with another type of connection.

To make things easier, we’ll talk a little bit about the connectors for CCTV and their usefulness incoaxial cables or network cable.

Come on!

Cctv Connectors

he most common and well-known models are the BNC connector and the plug p4 with terminal.

That’s because they are on almost 100% of the cameras (use is required to turn the camera on).

The BNC connector ( Bayonet Neil Concelman Connector ) is a connector for various types of Coaxial cables such as RG-58 and RG-59.

Its most useful is for low frequency radio equipment, CCTV apparatus and measuring instruments.

There is a small variety of available connectors offered by large technology organizations.

For this connector, we have some options available:

Cctv Connectors the Top Choices of the Market 1

  • BNC with terminal (or without);
  • BNC for welding;
  • BNC with screw;

And like any other connector there is also the male and female version.

The most practical connectors, in the view of some customers, are the connectors post thatoffer more flexibility at the time of installation of security cameras.

Welding or not wiring is a choice you can make. It is necessary to make a hole in the wire to put the hammer and with the small screws serve to fasten the middle wire.

It is always good to know that the mesh has a negative charge while the middle wire has a positive charge.

These connectors are very cheap and you can get them for an affordable price:

Rca Connector

The RCA connector is very useful for those wishing to connect the video output of your DVR to a television or monitor for monitoring.


Connecting the cameras at a great distance has plagued some people since most wires have only 100m (except coils) and it is natural to lose image quality over long distances.

Therefore, it is easier to purchase a twisted pair cable, known as utp network / cable and use a passive balun, which will convert the RJ45 connector to the BNC connector.

The most common cables have 4 pairs, so you can connect 4 cameras with only one cable.

Thinking like this seems to offer us advantages only.

But not quite…

Cctv Connectors the Top Choices of the Market 2

Using a pair of cables to power the cameras is not a good choice as it can cause interference and diminish the quality of the images.

In addition, we do not recommend passing the coaxial cable in the same conduit or near wires that carry electricity to avoid overloads and possible damage to your equipment.

Mini Camera Cameras

Wormtail is the name given to the set of wires that are often accompanied by mini cameras (having 3 to 4 wires being: white, red, black and yellow).

Most of the time we use white wire for audio recording.

Some customers prefer to have only the camera images while leaving the audio aside.

When we buy a mini-camera with a stud, it often comes without a connector on the tip, when this happens, it is necessary to carry out a wire splicing process together with the coaxial cable.

Coaxial cable is the most used cable since it has 4 wires:

Cctv Connectors the Top Choices of the Market 3

  • The mesh;
  • The middle yarn close to the mesh;
  • And the two red and black power wires.

– Knowing that the mesh has a negative charge, you can change it with the black wire and the mesh of the coaxial cable.

Yes! The three wires together.

Since the black wires of the rabbit are neutral, use one of them for the mesh and the other for the black wire.

  • Thered wire of the coaxial cable along with the red strand wire.
  • And the middle wire that comes with the mesh of the coaxial cable with theyellow thread of the rabbit.

These are the basic procedures for making the connection.

But as was said at the beginning of this article, it is always good to have some experienced professional on site to assist you in this service, avoiding any kind of damage to your equipment.


In the old days, the mini camera was one of the top choices for electronic security professionals. However, with the new technologies, they are hardly used.

That’s because the cost-effective of a mini camera nowadays is not worth it.

Easily find HD 720p cameras costing under $ 100.


These are some of the top CCTV connectors on the market. There are several others, however, to do a basic CCTV project you will not need more than that.

I hope you have learned a lot ( here are other stories ) and if you have any questions, just write in the comments.