Chromecast: Smart TV at Banana Price

by | September 10, 2017

I punched the air when I read the news that Google was launching the Chromecast, a “little device”, similar to a USB flash drive and that, connected to the HDMI input of a digital TV, turns into something like a Smart TV.For a measly $ 35.

Chromecast: Smart TV at Banana Price

It’s … but in Brazil it costs 250 reais!(Price January 2015).

I explain my euphoria:last year I bought a LED TV in Ponto Frio.Without Smart TV.

I already knew that these smart tvs are not as smart as the English name suggests, but even so, I was p *** when I discovered after the store was also selling that day a Smart TV just like the model I was buying. For the same price. Eita, Coolpoint!

Now is the time for revenge.And I can not wait to test a Chromecast to see if it works.

Multimedia center

Chromecast Smart TV at Banana Price 3

Do not fool yourself.Although small and cheap, Chromecast can serve as a true multimedia center, commanded – via wi-fi – by a notebook, tablet or smartphone.

But be careful: Chromecast does not serve as a mirror for your device, replicating what’s on your screen.

It works in conjunction with Netflix-like services, YouTube, or plays videos from some specialized sites like Vimeo.

And of course, you’ll also be able to download other apps that Google is likely to launch in the coming months.

Other than that, Chromecast is also capable of playing sound and picture files from your tablet or smartphone.

I preffer xing-lig, but only out there

The best of this Chromecast is its comrade price ($ 35).In the USA…

Chromecast Smart TV at Banana Price 1

Today, the only way to connect a device to an HDTV, besides a Smart TV, is to get a setup box.

For Android devices there are not many options.Google itself has its Google TV, which is used by other manufacturers and comes to cost close to 160 dollars (Sony NSZ-GS7).

For iPads, iPhones and iPods have the Apple TV, this yes a more decent box.But its price also frightens: 350 reais is the minimum you will pay for it.

What do you need

Chromecast works on a digital TV, connecting to Android notebooks, smartphones, and tablets.

And … believe it … it’s also compatible with iPads, iPod touch, iPhones and Macs.

Chromecast Smart TV at Banana Price 2

Once you “skew” the Chromecast on your HDTV, just make a small setup on your device and enter a security code.

Chin drop numbers

According to a Google executive, during the official Chromecast press release, YouTube and Netflix already account for almost half of all Internet bandwidth in the US.

In Brazil it may not come to much, more due to Netflix, which is a paid service.

The truth is that the video really dominates much of the web, and it’s not for nothing that companies like Google have for years trying to put a product that bridges the big screen and the huge digital TVs.


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