Comfort and Lightness in Focus of Fun Winter Collection Shoes

by | November 15, 2017

In tune with the main trends of the major fashion capitals, the brand goes beyond and seeks inspiration, too, on the other side of the world: Japan is emerging as a new source of information, highlighting plurality, technology, and innovative shapes within the universe-casual sport.

Guided by the concept ‘ fun ‘ magic, the collection tells the story of different children, with personality and daring strokes on each model. Glitters, metallic, patches, worn materials and brushed, elastic and wetsuits are among those elected to illustrate the news.

With the promise of delight parents and children with a playful atmosphere, the line ‘Diver ‘ is composed of Light sneakers made with EVA-sole construction 25% lighter than other products. ‘ Dark ‘ cronies already deals with the fear that children have the dark, betting on prints with fluorescent elements that seek to show that the shoes are allies in the fight against this fear so common among the little ones.

The main bets for the station are different versions of jogging and models with casual-chic references, in addition to buildings with light soles and tratorados. Male models focussing on a cartouche with taupe, marine and military trend inspired nuances. In the women’s productions, the reflective effects emerge as the major players, including holographic blade and shades of gold, silver and rose. The details are of ties and rhinestone applications, plus prints and serigraphs that make up modern and diverse surfaces.

Fun Footwear offers the children male and female shoes and sandals from WHicheverhealth in a ranging from 18 to 36. The brand is produced by Sugar Shoes Group Ltd, which is based in Coffee Sting/RS and is associated to the Senator, Senator Pompey Pompey Ltda/EC. FSC certified Sustainable Origin, the company has sustainability as one of its main pillars – 100% of solid waste are reused, all adhesives used are water-based and raw material suppliers are selected according to the philosophy of the company, valuing the respect for the environment.