Costa Rica: Here are rich forms the ideal

by | December 30, 2016

Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo: It is almost evening. The sun hangs low and Golden heavy over my small, Caribbean beach town. I’m sitting in the shade with an iced coffee and have a view of the main street. The first thing I notice is her colorful dress. It is red as blood with a green pattern. It is made of a shiny fabric, and it sits, as it must: Tighten the right places and end up in a pur of a brittle.

taxi drivers hanging on the street corner, when they’re not running the trip, has also noticed her. The dishes it up in a synchronous motion and smiles big.

“ Oh la la guapa … mamacita! ”, shouts one of them to her.
She smiles big, puts an outstretched hand under the Chin and sends a group luftkys, which triggers a “ Oh la la ” more – added a faint boos.
She laughs out loud. She is black and black ladies of her style has more often than not an absolutely wonderful, deep laughter that comes directly from the stomach and sounds dark and warm and big. She is body awareness and self-awareness in its purest form. She’s rank as a light, her hips gyrating beautifully in tact with her once.

I can not take my gaze from her. I follow her with my eyes all the way down the street, as she simply owns, until she disappears into a House.

Big bosom and buttocks will be tilbedst
The women in this part of the world has something very special about it. I have seen them in the capital, San José, I see them in my tiny little strandby, I see them when I go to Panama or cultivate roadtrips here on the Pacific coast.

With age comes dignity. I was never tired of looking at the powerful, older ladies in Puerto Viejo

I lurk on them. I am aware that they are close to be unattainable for someone like me. But they are so inspiring, and they teach me that beauty is not age, shape or expensive clothes. Beauty is truly something that comes from within in these women. Of course they do not bleach to help nature a little on the way – it is women who spend time choosing their clothing, which also puts the hair and likes to use make up. But the most striking about them is their attitude, the way they carry themselves.
And the way they carry themselves on, is amazing. Completely amazing. It is as if these women live in their body in a different way than I do.

the woman who rocked down the street that night, where I sat and looked admiringly, weighted certainly not under 100 kilos. She was in every way a great human – both the purely physical, but also personality. She was pretty.

when I came to the Caribbean, I was quite pleased with myself. I had lost ten kilos, which separated me from being too portly to be slim. And I was thinner by staying in the middle of the jungle. I looked myself in the mirror and was happy. I was thin!

Me and my dog Carla on the stairs at my house in the jungle

but for the first time in my life it dawned on me that thinness was not something that was appreciated so much, as I was used to. I found myself suddenly in a continent where people worshipped the bulky butts and ditto bosom with great passion. And unless you are taking advantage of silicone and other tricks, hear big stomachs, quite naturally, along with big butts and tits.

Rich forms is ideal
It was also in the Caribbean, that I first saw the mannequin dolls in plus size. As far as I know, is the usual mannequin doll a str. 34. I was surprised for a long time over what was different, until it dawned on me: a great many places had mannequin dolls full forms! I asked me for in the shops. Why?
The answer came from a French woman who even sewed and sold his clothes from a small boutique:
“ But it is, of course, ideal, ”, she said.
“ this is how we would like to look like – and my clothes would look strange if there were no forms to fill it out. I understand that very slim women can feel overlooked. But there it is. I design my clothes to ideal body. ”

I laughed. The words I had heard before. The difference was just that the last time I heard them, they came from a designer who made clothes that best suited for very slim women …

As all the other travelers, I learned of my surroundings and tried to adapt me so well I could – within my own limits, of course. My clothes were more colorful and my dresses began to sit around the bust and buttocks. It is possible that I have – as one of my Caribbean friends put it: A skinny, white ass – but why would it limit me? I learned the Caribbean secret: keep your back erect, proud great, show the version of yourself, which is best – and smile back to them, smiling to you.

Show what you have and be proud ’
My 75-year-old friend Cleo taught me how to dance.
“ Keep your feet on the ground, ” she said.
“ First sway you with lower legs. Nothing else. Feel how the motion reverberates up in your body. So you take the hips with. Close your eyes and listen to the music. Dance for your own sake. ”
And so I did. I otherwise was good for oversize shirts and a stooping position, began to dance for myself and take colorful clothes on.
It made sense.

Cleo cultivates his usual morning gymnastics on the beach. I took the tit with just to look at her

the next time I met the Cleo, was on the local dance place in Puerto Viejo. First I saw her not because she was hidden by a ring of people who were standing and clapping in time. Inside Cleo danced around in the center of the circle. Alone. When she spotted me, she danced to me and pulled me into the ring. I thought that I might die in the moment. I can not dance.
“ Remember what I taught you, ” she smiled. I collected all the courage I had in the body – and so danced I with Cleo, while people looked on. And applauded by us. And I survived. For I was dancing for my own sake.

dance for your own sake. Dress nicely for your own sake. Live your life for your own sake. Should there be a tryllefe, which could meet would, I would ask that all Danish women would take the Caribbean body feeling to it.
For it is a sense of – it is something that starts from the inside. Show what you have and be proud – whether you are high or low, thick or thin, young or old …
Trust me when I say: You may well. You are pretty!