Crap like Pianos: Would Google Wins 4 Times More with IOS Than with Android?

In recent days circulated an article by Charles Arthur in The Guardian which stated that Google earns up to four times more with iOS devices for advertising queries against that obtained from Android devices. In an extrapolatorio churrimerinesco turn, the article says that Google has only earned 550 million dollars thanks to Android, while at the same time he entered 2,300 million thanks to the advertising served to iOS devices.

Analyzing a little article of Arthur, is easy to see that the morbid holder has built from a mixture between research work (well) and Add figures a little volley with too much or too little coffee in the body (evil).

The story begins with one of many clashes by patents in the courts, in this case between Google and Oracle. As to substantiate their arguments often companies must bring out data that are normally secret of State, delving a little often gets good headlines. In this case the holder not held, because the editor made too many assumptions without sense.

Where do the figures come out?

The first alarm jumps when in the judgment document do not appear the figures in question. The 550 million, nor the 2,300. In fact, the document does not even mention what are the revenues generated by Android. Yes it is said is as follows:

In the case of finding a patent patent infringement ’ 104, Google is willing to stipulate that non-adjusted damage the patent ’ 104 until 2011 are 2.72 million dollars, and in the case of finding a patent patent infringement ’ 520, that non-adjusted damage the patent ’ 520 until 2011 are $ 0.08 million

Which means that there are two patents in dispute, and if you lose, Google proposed to pay these figures, for the period from 2008 to 2011. In total, 2.8 million dollars. In other words, that they are not income for these patents, but the amount that Google would compensate the infringement, if any. Surely, it will be calculated by an expert quote, maybe a starting income of Android data, or can that sale of ice cream on days of waning, sixth quarter left, be carefull that I bite.

However, The Guardian assumes that this figure is a percentage of the benefits of Android, and with that calculates the total:

In a pre-trial agreement, Google proposed to pay Oracle a percentage of the benefits of Android, suggesting that it would pay 2.8 billion dollars in damages by the two remaining patents Oracle claimed for the period up to 2011, and then the 0.5 per cent of revenues from Android to date in a patent that expires in December, and 0.015 percent of other expiring in April 2018.

Come on, that in addition to that, Google proposes to continue paying for other patents. Adding percentages (although covered different periods of time!) we get a 0.515 per cent.

Nothing here, nothing there, hale, 550 million

A combined ratio of 0.515 percent, 2.8 million dollars offer suggests that the total benefits of Android since its launch at the end of 2008 until 2011 were 543 million dollars. Rounding, appear the 550 million.

Meanwhile, The Guardian still with assumptions:

The document does not explain as the benefits of Android are calculated, but the key source would be advertising. Google also gets 30 percent of the sales of Android applications.

But the 550 million has been calculated to eye

Yes, advertising is a key factor for Google revenues. But what publicity can be referenced? Which is displayed within applications? To of the searches on Google since an Android? To the AdSense showing other search engines? Does that count as income thanks to Android? Or not?

I have no idea. Only Google knows it. And with the data published in the pre-agreement with Oracle We can not deduct it happily. And the same goes for the benefits that Google gets IOS.

So see a flock of sheep when you do not mix different types

Hey, I am missing 2.5 million mobile revenues

Let us return to The Guardian to obtain most beautiful assumptions:

Google mentioned however that the mobile market is key to its future. Larry Page, Chief Executive Officer of Google, said in October that Google was “ seeing a huge positive impact on revenues from mobile devices, which has grown 2.5 times in the past 12 months at a rate of more than 2,500 million dollars & #8221;.

While some interpreted that this figure indicated benefits of Android, this ignores the agreement of Google with Apple, since the presentation of the iPhone in 2007, which provides maps and the search engine by default for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touchs, which run on Apple’s iOS software. The Chief Executive of Apple, Tim Cook, said that the company had sold 315 million iOS devices, although almost half of them were sold last year.

On the other hand, the comparison of the total income of Android in the court document suggests that iOS has generated more revenue for Google than their own ecosystem.

Yes, Larry Page gave that figure, but said perhaps what percentage was up to Android and what IOS? As for nothing. But in The Guardian they assume that the iOS is superior. Because it’s worth.

Okay, I am lost. Where does that also with iOS you enter four times more?

As with the old account, saying my math teacher. If the estimate of 550 million is taken (this completely unfounded before) and we subtract all the revenue from mobile devices, which were $ 2,500 million, give us 1,950 million of dollars. That article has awarded, magically, iOS.

Yes, friends, even if we believe that the publicity benefits of Android is 550 million, We must assume that Blackberries, nor Symbians Windows Phones there are, or anything more than Android or iOS. We must also assume that Google does not have income of Android that is not advertising, which is also long assumed.

These were the holders, but we have more

Since Google gets revenues with Android and iOS, a most successful owner It could have been this:

Google earn money with Android and iOS thanks to ads on searches

But posts mixed sheep and goats, and jobs to create morbid headlines, style of Church Juanjo we could have titled as well:

Users of iOS are about melons that are going by clicking on advertisements, against the power of Android users that Dodge them

Of course, We reject an incumbent so pretentious and unnecessary as the latter, and we are left with the most successful “ Google earns money with Android and iOS & #8221;.