Create Thinner Legs and Hold the Heat

by | March 24, 2016

When the temperature drops, women tend to wear shorter dresses and skirts. I am at this time of year, in other words, not quite so hush with my bottoms must end at the narrowest point on my legs. It may sound paradoxical, but the explanation is quite simple:

When it gets cold, it’s time for pantyhose. And with a few dark and tight pantyhose, you can create the illusion that your legs are narrower than they in fact are. At the same time, they have thick stockings also the advantage helps you stay warm in dresses or skirts, though the temperature goes against freezing.

When you go on the hunt for winter tights, you’ll need to know the two stocking expression denier and opaque.

Denier is an expression of how dense the stocking pants is.

up to 15 denier – very transparent
15 to 30 denier – transparent
30 to 40 denier – close
40 denier or more – very dense and warm
At 40 denier stockings begins to become closer and more heat. Therefore, you can wear them for winter with minimum 40 denier.

Opaque means “can’t see through”. It means that you cannot see your skin through a pair of opaque-stockings. With semi-opaque stockings, your skin will shine a little through.