Cropped Trousers: Four Tips Not to Go Wrong When Using the Short Piece

by | July 18, 2017

Short as if you were fishing, cropped pants are very fashionable.Just look at celebrities like Alessandra Ambrósio, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham, who are parading the model through the streets.But when it comes to using the piece, some tips are worth gold so you do not make a mistake and let the full style piece go awry.

To avoid being ugly with the beautiful cropped pants, extrareference gives some precious advice:

“Cropped pants can have straight cut, be wider or tight.So, the suitability varies according to the physical size of the wearer, “says Katia.

See the tips of the expert:

1 – Leave the foot as visible as possible.For being shorter, the ideal is to try to use the cropped pants giving the impression of stretching.If you are not very tall, opt for a medium to high heel scarpin or an open saldalia.

2 – Sleek models are ideal for women with wide hips. Straight fit disguises large bones, the tip is also to wear the monochrome look, with the same color blouse of the pants, which also favors to lengthen the silhouette. Remember to avoid light pieces in cases of women with extra pounds, these tones can increase the butt.

3 – Little shoes and skirts are ideal for the tallest. Women over 1.70m can get a more casual look using a little dress or sneaker to make up the look.

good with cropped pants for those who are high Photo: Disclosure

4 – Slippers and oxford shoes are perfect for a more serious image. They also help to compose a look to go to work, for example.