Culture, Events and Nightlife in Kaunas

Culture, Events and Nightlife in Kaunas

Kaunas is an excellent city of culture with lots of concerts and other performances, and there are also quite a number of events that are related to culture in one way or another. Kaunas is a moderately good and guaranteed safe holiday destination for families, and there are many interesting things to see. There isn’t a huge amount of pastime in Kaunas, but there are high-quality basketball matches played in a new and fine hall. The nightlife of Kaunas is nothing very wild, but there are plenty of drinking places and in summer the terraces take over the main square and the main street of the Old Town.

Kaunas is an excellent city of culture

Classical music, ballet, opera, musicals and dance

Kaunas filharmoniatalo is beautiful, the building dates back to 1928, which is located right in the center of a new side in the best locations. It is the main venue for a classical music concert, and as the name implies, the city philharmonic orchestra performs there.

Ballet and opera but also theater can be followed to the state musical theater. In this city park, close to the old town, this magnificent building also presents some entertaining performances such as musicals, and the program is promised from September to May.

Aura is a theater that was founded in 2014 in the old town, biting into contemporary dance, where you can have good performances just in time for the trip.

center of Kaunas

With family in Kaunas

Kaunas is as good a city holiday destination for families as other large cities in the Baltic hinterland. It is quite far from Finland, but if the family flies from Turku to Kaunas, for example, you could well spend a few days there. The best travel times are the summer months, and you can also go there on a Christmas or ski holiday trip in the middle of winter.

The city can be thoroughly explored in a couple of three days, and other destinations, such as Vilnius or Riga, can be connected to it. Kaunas is an absolute place to visit for those traveling by car or traveling around the Baltics by bus.

There are plenty of affordable apartments to accommodate the whole family, but Kaunas is also a city of many hotels. There are moderately good restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. The cafes in the old town and on the main boulevard of the new sections are excellent and comfortable to sit on. Shopping is on the sidelines in Kaunas, but there are good souvenir shops and the large Acropolis shopping center is a place with all sorts on offer.

You can see the sights when you just walk in the old town, but the center is quite extensive and getting there gets pregnant for longer. There are interesting sights in both the old and new parts, but you can get a good view of the main attraction by walking around the main square of the old town and the adjacent park area, which also has a large playground and all sorts of things for children and young people. Of the actual sights, the castle and the beautiful town hall are good places to visit, but most of the sights do not need to be entered.

One good pastime for families with children and perhaps even young people is to go up the funicular to the hills next to the center of Kaunas. They are traditional old-fashioned games of chance that are not encountered in Finland, and they are rare on a European scale as well. They are none of its weird experiences, but children may well be excited about them. While going to the second funicular, you can also inspect the one right next door courtyard gallery, which is a guaranteed boost.

In addition to the core, it is worth walking at least once to the boulevard (Laisvės alėja) on the new side of the city center, at least to the steps of the large church along it. There are good shops and cafes on the street, and almost everything along it is cheaper than in the old town, which in summer is mostly an area occupied by tourists. From the Old Town, you can reach the main boulevard by walking along its main street (Vilniaus gatvė) to the new side of the city center, and along the way you will also meet Kaunas Presidential Palace.

Sports: basketball

Žalgiris Arena

In Kaunas, it is possible to watch a high-level basketball played at Žalgiris Arena. Žalgiris plays in the arena next to the Acropolis shopping center, completed in 2011, during the winter season, and is the most successful team in Lithuania, winning five Soviet championships and also winning the European Championships.

The team plays in both the Euroleague and the Lithuanian series, and there may also be national team matches in the hall. The match program is easy to view on the website, and you can also buy tickets on the website in advance, which are very cheap, especially for Lithuanian league matches. There are matches from late September to early May, and sometimes there can be three home matches a week but sometimes the team plays away matches for a couple of weeks.


Kaunas is located in the center of Lithuania and is the largest event center in the country. There are events all year round, but in the summer the most pleasant general events are held, which everyone is interested in.

Jats’ friends will leave for Kaunas on the last weekend of April, when Kaunas Jazz will be held .

In May, Design Week is held at the beginning of the month, and there is all sorts of things related to fashion and design.

The second event in May is Kaunas Cantat , which is the most important and high-quality choral song festival in Lithuania.

600 years ago, Kaunas was one of many Hanseatic cities, and today Kaunas is the only city in the country to belong to the new Hanseatic League. Kaunas Hansa Days is a medieval event held in early May.

Kaunas Castle hosts operetta festivals from May to July .

Another summer music event is the diverse Pažaislis Music Festival , which features classical, early music , jazz and the most up-to-date music. It runs from May to August, with performances at the castle, yacht club and philharmonic house.

The biennials , which run from July to September, will be held every other year , next in 2021.

In the fall, international film festivals bring color and light to a darkening city. They are held during the last week of September and the first week of October.

Friends of contemporary dance gather in Kaunas in October for Aura festivals , which are usually interdisciplinary and liked by non-dancers.

In December, Christmas markets and concerts brighten up the darkest time of the year. One major event is the decoration of the Christmas tree in early December , and in recent years the Christmas tree has been illuminated using completely ecological methods.

Visit Kaunas lists more events and their website also has a calendar of events.


In the Old Town

Kaunas is far from the center of nightlife, and in recent years nightlife has become even more diluted due to higher prices of drinks. Drink prices have risen from just over half a euro to at least two and a half and in many cases 3-4 euros, but wages or student incomes have not risen accordingly. In the old town, there are quite a number of terraces in the summer, where beer and other drinks are taken, but rarely anything more special happens than usual. More popular than bars are restaurants, cafes and shisha places where the hookah is bubbled.

Lithuanian beers like Kalnapilis are so tasty that it is not necessary to order even more expensive foreign beers. Table service is a practice in many cheap-looking places, and at least in the Old Town, all you have to do is sit at a table. Places start closing their doors quite early, but some bars are open during the week until two in the morning and on weekends until four in the morning.

The best places to spend the evening are in the Old Town, where the main square and the main street (Vilniaus gatvė) are both areas with late-opening bars. The main square also has a place open until 24:00 where cocktails are sold out and can be taken to the accommodation or toured around the old town. However, alcoholic beverages are not allowed by law to be drunk on the streets or in parks, so it is better to take the beverages to the accommodation.

There are bars in Kaunas that are open more than midnight, especially in the Old Town, but if you prefer to take something in the accommodation, you should take into account the alcohol laws copied from the Lithuanian guardianship states. Alcohol is not sold after 8pm or before 8am in the morning, and on Sundays the sale of alcoholic beverages is stopped in shops and kiosks at 3 pm.