Curiosities: Creation of Polo Shirts

by | August 24, 2017

If it is a good thing we at VMX always try to deepen ourselves, even more when we deal with brands that are partners and beyond all great world powers that has as ideal, quality, service and sophistication.

Let’s find out more about her, the brand that founded the Polo shirt?

On July 2, 1904 was born the man who would bring the most practical and versatile dress for the tennis players, I even know that you must be wondering more after all what the minimum connection?

Simply René Lacoste was a brilliant tennis player who carried with him something that was about to make a difference.

Concluding that when looking at players with long-sleeved shirts, buttoned to the neck and collars fully armed, this was not really the best choice for athletes since the sport requires today much effort, style and class.

Identified such a remark appeared playing in a Tennis Open with a 100% cotton knit the White Piquet Premium now with the size of the sleeves adjusted, much lighter and mobility leaving also the neck softer.

They were the perfect ingredients so that not only the players but all the French needed and soon everyone dressed.

The crocodile originates from the nickname given to the then beast René Lacoste, in ideal size and color was authentic once again for being one of the first brands to present his logo on the chest.

Today synonymous with good taste and style, Lacoste has a complete family, shirts, trousers, leather in shoes, wallets, perfumes, glasses and everything else that the wardrobe has available is highlighted on the side of relationships and customer care, Important and which we are pleased to share and add, VMX represents 3 years of all Lacoste Lines and houses many of the newest collections.