Cyanogen Is Preparing Its Own Phone with a 2.5 GHz Processor

Do not stop get out rumors about the future of Cyanogen Since the announcement that it would become a for-profit company. They have not been few changes that have experienced and it seems that they do not stop to aspire to the highest. If you do little he was developing an official ROM for the Oppo N1, Cyanogen would be committed to go a step further and pull out a phone by themselves.

This would mean both check the hardware with software, but always depending on the operating system that Google offers. Rumors do not remain short in most regards hardware, because it would have a Snapdragon processor with a frequency of 2.5 GHz, being leaders in the market in this feature, although it is not the only thing that counts.

This would generate many doubts, firstly on the deal that it would receive the terminal, but more about if they would stop the development of ROMs to other terminals, things that remains unlikely. However also comes the question of how it would be making, as do a terminal with these characteristics is a very significant cost which could hardly do.

Here is where a Chinese manufacturer, which would not be Oppo, would enter the game fate Gionee, that it already has a tour in mobile despite not being particularly known outside the country. Even so, this is a very ambitious information that requires a confirmation to be taken seriously and we can only take this as a rumor.