Data Protection on the Iphone: Siri Can Talk about You

Every iPhone user knows it: Siri, the friendly software, which by language turns into a personal assistant. As soon as an Internet connection, Siri can inform you about appointments or a good restaurant in the vicinity call-and you by means of GPS to go there. However, Siri can also chatter a lot. A security issue that has existed since iOS 5 and has not been closed by Apple. If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should check your settings and make your iPhone safer.

What Is Siri At All – And Do I Need It?

Siri is a software that recognizes natural language. The program has existed since iOS 5 and has been used for the first time on the iPhone 4s via photionary. A long press on the home button starts Siri. You can use the software to view appointments or contacts, or to search for addresses. Or you ask the current weather report or the table of the 1. Bundesliga. All this works only when you are online. Without Internet connection Siri is silent and is not a big help. Do you need the personal assistant? It is a nice feature and shortens navigation. However, if you know your iPhone, the software will hardly depend on it.

What Happens If I Call Siri While The Screen Is Locked?

The basic settings provide the activation of Siri even when the screen is locked. New iOS versions allow you to start the software with a “Hey Siri” -without having to take your iPhone at all. At this point, a security hole is waiting for you, because Siri is brave enough information . And this is completely independent of lock code or fingerprint.

“Siri, Who Owns This Iphone?”

It is very easy to query with Siri’s help data about the owner of an iPhone. The software is open-minded and communicative. Activates Siri in a locked state by voice command or by holding down the Home button and asks:

“Siri, who owns this iPhone?”

Said and done. My screen then presents some data:

What happened? Quite simply: Siri has read my user data and scanned my Facebook profile. The lockscreen now provides a clear overview of all the data that I have stored on the social network and linked to my address book entry. This does not include my address or other very sensitive data, which a foreigner should not know better or which might lure the Langfinger before my doorstep.But maybe this looks different for other iPhone users?

How Can I Prevent Siri Gossiping?

In order to protect your data when you lose your iPhones and generally provide more security, you can deactivate Siri at any time. Then the software is not available to you any more. And sometimes, if we do not mind, a language-driven assistant is simply very convenient. A solution must be made.And that is: Optimize settings! This is best done in two ways:

1. Disable Siri In The Locked State

You can just leave Siri silenced when the screen is dark. Under Settings-> Touch ID & Code, you can manage access to apps. Deactivated here Siri and the software starts only if the iPhone is not just locked.

2. Adapt Contact Details And Social Networks

If you are looking for your own contact information, you will come to your business card. Take a look at yourself and adjust the data if necessary. In my example, the company and position simply disappear:

A small tip: If you want to be sure that no information is going outside, you should ensure that apps like Facebook and Co. can not access your contacts (and thus your own business card). For Facebook, you simply disable the Contacts app under Settings -> Facebook:

Everything Safe? All Good?

If you have adapted Siri, your contact data and the settings for Facebook and Co., you are better protected from outside access. However, full protection is only available if you are away from social networks. Since Facebook and Twitter as well as WhatsApp are very widespread, you should at least look out for your privacy settings and consider what data you really want to make publicly accessible.