Delaware History

Delaware History

Delaware is a US state. It is known as “the first state”, as it was the first of the 13 colonies to ratify the US Constitution. It happened on December 7, 1787. The state capital is called Dover, while the largest city is Wilmington.

According to ehangzhou, Delaware has borders with New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Delaware is 161 km long and between 9 and 48 km wide, and with a total area of ​​6,452 km² is the second smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island.

During the American Civil War, Delaware was a slave state that remained in the Union, voting not to break out on January 3, 1861.


17th Century – Before Delaware was settled by European colonists, the area was home to the Lenape tribe.

1631 – The Dutch are the first to settle and establish a trading post.

1638 – A Swedish trading post and colony is founded by the Dutchman Peter Minuit.

1639 – First African slaves arrive in Delaware.

1651 – The Dutch, under the leadership of Peter Stuyvesant, found a new fort, and in 1655 they took over the entire Swedish colony. Nine years later, in 1664, the Dutch were driven out, and the area was handed over to William Penn in 1682.

1698-1700 – Pirates, including Captain Kidd, sail along Delaware.

1754-1763 – The French and Native American wars take place.

1775 – American Revolution begins.

1793 – Yellow fever epidemic.

1812-15 – The British-American War (1812) was fought between the United States and Britain and its colonies in Canada. The war took place on land and at sea. 1,600 died on the British side and 2,260 on the American side.

1861-65 – The Civil War begins; more than 12,000 troops from Delaware joined the Union; A few hundred joined the Confederacy.

1862 – The Battle of Antietam is fought near Sharpsburg on September 17, 1862. It was the first major battle of the American Civil War in the Northern States. The battle was the bloodiest one-day battle in American history with about 23,000 soldiers killed or wounded.

On September 22, the first of two declarations of emancipation issued by President Abraham Lincoln declaring all slaves in all Confederate states who did not return to the Union before January 1, 1863, free. The second order, issued January 1, 1863, listed which states it was specifically about. However, the slaves were not released as they fought for the Union.

1864 – The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution is approved on April 8. Delaware freed the slaves. Read more here.

1868 – Delaware votes against the 14th Amendment, which guarantees equal protection for all races. Read an interesting article about “the 14th change” here.

1869 – The first women’s suffrage meeting is held in Delaware.

1870 – Delaware votes against the 15th Amendment, which would guarantee blacks the right to vote.

1875 – Separate schools and donations for white children, African-American children were established.

1907 – The state licenses the first automobile.

1910 – On April 10, the battleship USS Delaware is launched.

1917-18 – About 10,000 attended the First World War.

1935 – Wallace Carothers is an American chemist who invented nylon from his work for the Dupont Industrial Group.

1941-45 – About 30,000 men and women participated in World War II.

1950 – The University of Delaware is ordered to stop racial segregation by the Delaware Court of Chancery.

1963 – The Delaware Turnpike was inaugurated and opened on November 15 by President Kennedy, one week before his death.

1968 – Riots break out in Wilmington on 9-10. April after Martin Luther King, Jr. had been assassinated. Read about other riots here.

2002 – Prohibition of smoking in public enters into force; Delaware is suffering from drought.

2004 – An oil tanker from Cyprus leaks 30,000 tons of oil into the Delaware River, creating over 30 km of oil pollution that killed dozens of birds.

2008 – Joe Biden is elected Vice President of the United States.

2011 – Police investigate an online conversation between New York representative Anthony Weiner and a 17-year-old girl from Delaware.

Residents living on the Delaware River are ordered to evacuate before Hurricane Irene arrives.

Delaware History