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By | December 30, 2022

A member state of the United States of America. Located on the eastern Atlantic coast of the country, it covers an area of ​​5 133 km2 and has a population of 829 200 residents (2004).

It is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and borders the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the north, and Maryland to the south and west. The capital is the city of Dover. The north of the state is formed by hills, which culminate at 135 m of altitude. The South is gradually leveling off. The lower Delaware River valley and its estuary, Delaware Bay, forms the northern-eastern boundary of the state. The climate is moderate and humid. The forests (oaks, pines, tulip trees) cover one third of the surface. The capital is Dover, the main city, Wilmington.

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Delaware got its name from the English Lord De La Warr. In 1787 the state signed the constitution. The country was discovered in 1609 by the Dutchman Henry Hudson. Around 1631 the first settlers were driven out by the Indians and it was not until 1636 that the Swedes succeeded in establishing a permanent settlement near Wilmington.

The official nickname of Delaware is “The First State”. Not without reason, because Delaware was the 1st state of the 13 colonies to ratify the US Constitution in 1787. The capital of the state consisting of only 3 counties is Dover and the population is approx. 600,000 people with a total area of ​​6,447 km².

Landscape diversity

Delaware lies within the northern, bay-rich Atlantic coastal plain. The varied landscape is characterized by beautiful river landscapes (almost 1,400 km² are covered by water), forests, wide plains and flat sandy beaches. The largest river is the Delaware River, 595 km long and it has its source in the Catskill Mountains, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. Delaware has a temperate climate, with warm summers up to 32 degrees and cool winters down to -5 degrees. Due to the favorable geographical location, extensive oyster farms can be found in the Delaware Bay, which are an important economic factor of the state.

Fauna and Flora

The wooded flora is determined by trees such as walnut, hickory, sweetgum and tulip tree. The rock pear mainly grows in the south of Delaware. The animal world is mainly determined by squirrels, muskrats, raccoons, woodcock, rabbits, quail, Canada geese and the eastern meadow lark.


The namesake of Delaware is derived from the title of the second governor of the colony of Virginia, Sir Thomas West, Lord De La Warr. Delaware, then still a colony, was conquered by the English in 1664 and New York was added. After a checkered history, the 3 counties New Castle, St. Jones and Deale, originally attached to Pennsylvania, got their own parliament in 1704 and their own board of directors in 1710. In 1777 Dover became the new capital of Delaware (formerly New Castle).

Delaware attractions and things to do

The rural state offers a variety of sights such as B. the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum near Wilmington. Art from American history is presented there. In Wilmington itself you will find the Hagley Museum where the development of American industry is documented. It is also worth visiting the many historical sites, including the Old Dutch House in New Castle. For active vacationers, there are many water sports on the beaches of Delaware. Amusement parks such as Funland at Rehoboth Beach or the Brandywine Zoo can also be found here.

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