That is why in chose Pink skirt and green jeans

by | October 7, 2016

when it comes to clothes and style is I know a schizophrenic. On the one hand, I would like to be buried in classic black and white with a read pearls in best Chanel-style, but at the same time, I also completely silly with strong colors, as I like to put together crisscross.

It comes back from my much younger days when I was panic-stricken fear of falling in with the crowd. I am 42 years old and thus grew up in the ‘ 80s, where branded clothing and logos in the form of a small green crocodile was the hottest. I refused to go in the modern branded one and for that reason alone that it did all the others. To mark the occasion, I was interviewed for lokalradioen, because in the period was rare with a young person, who deliberately chose the “real” brands from. When I started in high school was my favorite pants a couple of stretch pants in green, yellow and purple paisley-pattern. It was also during these years that the red lips and nails in earnest was my characteristics.

today, my fear of falling in with the crowd not to quite the same extent. There can even be days where it’s just great to fall in and not be stuck outside. But when I’ve had it like that for a few days, begins my inner color Wizard to touch on it. For the easily bored. Especially here in the Cut where I live in the middle of Copenhagen. Here is filled with hipstere. And they have to be so warmly welcomed, for they are both polite, sweet and nice and all that good at once. But for fa’en, they are boring to look at in their grey and black uniform in style, at least not highlights forms.

And so it is, I just have to go out in the world dressed in colors. Just because … because it all does not have to be so boring.

It struck through when I recently was on the hunt for a new black pencil skirt. I found the black skirt, but Lo and behold, on the not was also in pink.

I hesitated for a second, for a black skirt is such a nice workable basic item … but now it is fortunately not written by law that we must always make the obvious choice. And as you can see here, can a noisy skirt perfectly toned down with black accessories.


Pencil skirt, up to size 50, ca. 400 USD + shipping, Booth

Jersey, up to size XL, 349, USD + shipping, Magazine

Blue jeans is one of the most iconic pair of pants, I can imagine. That is why I have as many other ladies also more than a pair of blue jeans in the closet, because you never go wrong with a classic. But sometimes must also get a break. the classics

why it was these green jeans that came with home, when I was on sale last year. Over the summer, they have been a fine alternative to the blue jeans along with my blue and white striped jerseys. But when the autumn darkness descends, I love to give the full cube with both green pants and colorful leopletter.

Deplores the fact that the pants and shirt are from a previous season from respectively Zizzi and Boden. At the booth there this season both the opportunity to buy colored jeans and leotrøje.

Jeans in more colors, up to size 50, ca. 335 USD + shipping, Booth

Leotrøje, up to size 50, ca. 300 USD + shipping, Booth


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