The critical eye: The best combination of pants and Jersey

I have long been looking forward to jumping in my black pants and my striped sweater. And finally shows the weather from a page where it is certainly not too hot with long pants and a sweater.

But oh woe and dread. Such as I like, when I had got the clothes on. A box without forms, is what I look like.

This is a good example of the fact that you never can know you completely safe before you’ve tried your planned outfit. It is also the example of the fact that it is always a good idea to throw an extra glance in the mirror to be absolutely sure that your outfit accentuates your figure in the best possible way.

Why is it fundamentally a great idea that you teach your body to know, so you know what to highlight and camouflage in relation to getting the best out of your character. You must, of course, do not forget that in the end it is all about, that you feel comfortable in the clothes you take on.

Become wiser on your body type – read our guide to different body types

there is no reason to give up, just because the first attempt was not successful. That is why I began the search for, to find alternative tops and bottoms to mix with.

The black pants
The exercise is that I must avoid looking like a box, once the broad trousers gives my body the same width as my shoulders. I get to grips with the box by taking a tight shirt on, that accentuates my waist. Thus highlights I my forms rather than hide them.

The stibede Jersey
After having been close to give up hope for a common future for me and the striped shirt, I pulled my black skinny jeans out of the closet. This will never be my yndlingssæt, but for a casual day, where clothes just has to be something that works, will this set yet come into use. Because I minimize the width of the bottom of my body shall enter the bit shape that is in uniform, better in character, and I avoid again to look like a box.

style Black Steal pants up to size 60, approximately 275 USD + shipping, Evans
Striped Jersey, up to size 50, ca. 550 USD + shipping, Booth
Skinny jeans up to size 54, 699.95 DKK, Zizzi


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