It wants Momme itself for his birthday

by | January 14, 2017

on 27 June more closely approaching. And I am pleased. For it is my birthday. I fill the 42 years.

Fødsesldag is always an occasion for me to wish me new clothes. Or rather money so I can go shopping. Yes, on the way, I am a regulatory birthday girl, who do not leave much to chance.

here you can peek in on my wishlist, maybe there is something that can also tempt you.

in relation to my wishes this year, I have gone into the practical direction. I’ve looked deep in my wardrobe in order to get an overview of what I’m missing. It is not because I go around with a bar stand. When I write is missing, it is for me to get filled up in the closet with it, which means that I may get used most of the clothes I already have. It is here the practical element comes into play.

of parts
I lack of parts, so I can get used my many skirts. There are also acute shortages of parts without sleeves in the wake of that, I have freed my upper arms. (You can read about here-opens in new window)

Hey Presto, perfect for both everyday and festive, as it is easy to style with various accessories. I see myself already sit in this upper and jump sjusser in Sicily later this summer. And although it is not 100 percent sleeveless, has the smaller sleeve, than I usually throw me out in.
White top, up to size 54, 149.95 USD + shipping, Bon’a Parte

I love kimonistilen. I am also crazy about the combination of black and white. Why is this black/white kimono love at first sight. It is absolutely perfect, then tie the Ribbon is to emphasise the waist. This here is practical, since it can also be used as jacket.
Kimono, up to size 52, ca. 633 USD + shipping, Twiggy for M & S Collection

Cotton is fantatsisk in the heat of the summer, but I find that cotton tops may well have a tendency to resemble vests. That is why I love the transparent detail that gives this top a little edge.
Sleeveless top, up to size 56/58, ca. 164 USD + shipping, Layne Bryant, search on Illusion tank

the easy dress
There are just those days when it that clothes should be easy to take on. Here are the dresses my go to solution when I with a dress gets rid of having to think of both the upper and lower part. I have plenty of party dresses, so I look for the dress to everyday life and a lazy day in the cottage.

Dd, if this is not the perfect dress to walk around in and dreams about the holiday, so I don’t know what. If you’re not equally pattern crazy like me, this model also exists in a more toned down version with blue or yellow base colour.
Patterned dress, up to size 52, ca. 816 USD + shipping, Booth

Cool and casual. Waterfalls and tie belt that accentuates my forms.
Gray dress, up to size 54-56, 599.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

I love the colour. I’m crazy about v-neck. I love that there is a selection of tajelen – and so is the price also quite reasonable.
Blue dress, 199.95 USD + shipping, Juna rose

The little details, which collects it all. It as you never quite able to get too much of. And, hand on heart that I do not lack – just with the exception of a new belt.

It is no secret that I am pleased with the belts. That is why my belt with leoprint been worn up. This is a great replacement, since I also love the color yellow.
Belt, 169 DKK + shipping, Violetta

I go usually with earrings that hang. But I think it might seem drastic, if I also have a big necklace on. That is why I have fallen for these small studs that are neutral, so they can go to most.
Studs, 500 USD + shipping, Julie Sandlau

Sandal with loud noise on color, Yes please. Although I love my Fitflops penetrates I also from time to time to get a little up in height.
Turquoise sandal, up to size 41, ca. 448 DKK, Geox

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