Diadosnamorados: Let’s Make A Transformation? She Chooses His Look And Vice Versa

by | March 16, 2016

Shoot the first shoe who never tried to change any details in the style of the partner (or turn it from head to toe). A more advanced pants for him, a dress more fair to her or a hair different.

We invite three couples of Porto Alegre, in the range of 20, 30 and 40 years, with distinct professions, to dabbling in the look of the (a) partner. With the advice of personal stylist Ana Carrard, they finally might wear the better half, proposing a transformation.

-Women want to let men less practical and more stylish, while they wished to see them taken off or sexy-evaluates Ana.

How about repeating the joke at home too? Inspired by the suggestions.

Diego Pisani Bento Da Silva 42 Years Cardiologist + Maria Luiza Busnello Bento Da Silva 40 Years Old Lawyer

Since August 2004, when they met at a barbecue, they do not detach. On day 8 of that month, the cardiologist Diego Pisani Bento da Silva was the birthday of a cousin (who came to be a friend of the lawyer Maria Luiza Busnello Bento da Silva), straight from work. He was wearing a shirt, tie, pants and dress shoes, as uses to serve in Office. Malu account that upset is at first sight in the style of the future husband. Today, the Attorney for 40 years and 42 doctor-parents of Peter, five years – are always aligned, Monday through Friday, according to the dress code of where they work.

-Every morning he wears the “uniform”, as I call it. I think he’s beautiful in these times, leave the House supercedinho and think: “that man there smelling, all elegant” … It’s my time to be jealous about it, you know? -play Malu.

The Husband Returns The Compliment:

-Malu is superclássica. Is the Queen of dress – defines Diego about his wife, who loves bland.

She Asked: Who Knows?

Diego into shoes and collects t-shirts-on first trip as boyfriends, for five days in Santa Catarina, he came to take 17 t-shirts, recalls the couple. Malu concedes that Diego dares more in fashion combinations, but still, your request for the personal stylist Ana Carrard was to create a look even more cool: who knows men’s boots? Diego himself joined the climate and wanted to try a leather jacket, item that does not have in the wardrobe.

He Asked: Jeans, Please

With closet stuffed with pieces of good quality, especially in beige, black and white, Malu reveals: no jeans. Think uncomfortable, prefers the touch of tailoring. Diego, in fact, couldn’t remember when she had seen the woman in jeans for the last time and didn’t waste the opportunity. And the Add-ons, as they would be?

– Like when she’s with the shoulders out. And I think it’s nice when using accessories such as necklaces.

Breaking, a coincidence: since he saw the Devil Wears Prada, Malu was dating have a boot over-the-knee. The model used here turned out to be the same that it acquired just before the photo shoot.

Malu uses blouse, jeans, necklace and bracelet Shoulder, Gabriela Pires ring for Baroque Edge and boot Anzetutto. Diego wears jeans and boots Enzo Milano, shirt Von der Völke and jacket Recently, both for Hemb