Dvr Intelbras Vd 3116: Is It a Good Device?

The Intelbras VD 3116 DVR is a powerful 3000 series digital recorder, bringing a host of intelligent features and technologies to users.

Dvr Intelbras Vd 3116: Is It a Good Device?

Suitable for CCTV projects of any size, this product is ideal for those who want to mount a large security system.

The VD 3116 is one of the most cost-effective products in the category.

With Tríbido technology, it supports the three technologies available on the market (analog, HDCVI and IP), which will allow the user to use several types of security cameras and their project.

With its simplified configuration and faster imaging, the Intelbras vd 3116 DVR is an ideal product for anyone looking for a rugged and cheap digital recorder.

Intelbras Dvr 3116: The Main Functions

The main function of this digital recorder is the capacity to support the other technologies available in the market, which guarantees an excellent cost-benefit for the consumer.

In addition, the HDCVI 3116supports 1080p and 720p cameras, making it the ideal solution for your CCTV project.

Being in the second generation, this digital recorder has more processing capacity, which guarantees more speed when reading and reproducing the images.

With superior capacity for recording and playback of images, the DVR 3116 offers greater range of transmission and integration of audio systems and PTZ control.

Dvr Intelbras Vd 3116 Is It a Good Device 1

All in one video cable.

With a maximum capacity of 2 Hds Sata , this digital recorder is perfect for companies because it is possible to install sirens, sensors and alarms, which will guarantee more protection both for the assets of the organization and its collaborators.

Hdcvi 3116: Usage Tips

The Intelbras DV 3116 DVR is recommended for those looking for a digital recorder for a large and robust design, and is ideal for companies of all sizes.

It has a simplified configuration, which means that the user will not break his head to install and use it.

After downloading the application to your smartphone / tablet or personal computer, simply read the QR code to get instant access to the images and the cameras installed on the system.

In addition, the hdcvi 3116 has a digital platform where you can perform all the necessary configuration of all cameras and recorded images.

In this matrix, the user can adjust the cameras for the best results in recorded images, in detail and sharpness.

Dvr Intelbras Vd 3116 Is It a Good Device 2

By having remote access, you can control the cameras and see what is happening on your property in real time, from anywhere in the world (as long as you are connected to the internet).

Main Advantages Vd 3116

This digital recorder has one of the best cost-benefit of the category, being one of the main advantages that the user will perceive.

It has a series of technologies and features that will bring more security to your CCTV device system, especially for medium to large companies.

It is lightweight and very easy to install.

And if the user has any doubts, his manual is easy to understand and with a simplified language, which will facilitate its operation.

In more advanced cases, both for the user and the installer, Intelbras provides a discussion forum among users to improve the use of their products.

Dvr Intelbras Vd 3116 Is It a Good Device 3

Price Of The DVR Intelbras MHDX 3016

Similar devices to the MHDX 3016 with tributary technology and output in HDMI, usually cost the”eye of the face”, because they are products with a greater requirement of usability by the system(more robust cameras, that record better).

This device has a higher cost compared to the HDCVI 1016 (another in the Intelbras series), but the benefits of this are better.

As I always speak in our tips session, Intelbras (with Hikvision and JFL) are the top brands in the market and my number 1 recommendation option.

HDCVI 3116 values are in the range of $ 1,421.59 to $ 1,728.99 according to Google. It is a bit high price and recommended for medium and large projects.