Each Twenty Bike Sold G, Motorola Has Pockets Which Is Worth One

Moto G is one of the phones that better have fallen this year. No doubt is a good phone, but the crucial point is, without doubt, their price. To reduce it to those levels, Motorola has not magic or much less, but more and more common these days: lowering your margins.

And is that to reach the user this device by about 180 dollars, similar in characteristics to others which you can find above the three hundred, Motorola has reached the point of Pocket only 5% of the final price in the form of benefits, according to a study.

This means that for every 20 sold phones Motorola could afford to buy one, according to an analysis of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. published in the Wall Street Journal.

Make a G bike costs around 123 dollars, What away in terms of benefits of other terminals in its range as a SIII Mini Galaxy and the Galaxy S4, which Samsung takes a 20% and 28% of ultimate benefits from the sale of each unit. Further still is the iPhone 5 c, of which an estimated 35% of final benefit.

There is still to do as this small giant resists sales in the Christmas period, and if you arrive in volume to shops and operators, major distribution channels. Motorola (as part of Google) movement is double: open market and improve the mid-range Android device, by lowering the price of these.