Eye Brushes for Makeup: Learn How to Choose the Models

by | November 21, 2017

Eye brushes-how to use

A beautiful makeup not only to the products used on the skin, and what technique you use to apply it is more important than the brand. The makeup brushes play essential roles in time to make a make, using the wrong type, the effect will be the same, since there is a template for every single thing that we do.

To make up the eyes there are several types of brushes, each one has a specific function. When you want to make a larger part of the shadow, which is the mobile eyelid, the brush is quite simple, rounded and cute. He used to illuminate the eyebrows too.

The brush “cant” is one of the most used, after the above. This model is thin and boring, specific to make perfect strokes, as outlined close to upper and lower lashes. The beveled brush also serves to correct the flaws of the eyebrow with Brown shadow.

The small shadow brush from healthknowing.com is almost identical to the first, but with much less hair. It serves for merging the delineated made with pencil or shadow applied with brush beveled. The small brush is used to illuminate the inner corner of the eyes.

The concave is another brush type used, it also serves to go up in smoke. He must have more elongated and pointed bristles, forming a kind of “drop”.

In addition to these, there are also pencil brush, which is quite thin, very similar to those indicated for applying lipstick. It serves to make precision and thin strokes.