Female Heels Type: Usage Tips to Avoid Pain and Problems

Type Of Female Heels

Tips on using heels to Avoid Pain and problems in the legs, because use insoles, insoles, women’s heels and problems that high heels can cause.

Types Of Sock

-To measure personality, made with LaTeX or leather the insole is designed for step better and for people with Diabetes.

-For 3D insole, an x-ray of the feet where known the pressure exerted when pisa, then is taken the measure to make the 3D insole.

Complications From Incorrect Use Of The Heels Of Women’s Shoes

Bunions or heel pain plantar Fasciitis (severe pain in the heel and can reach the fingers). The full-body stretching prevents the disease.

The custom insole indicated by an orthopedic surgeon is an ally of plantar Fasciitis. The calcaneal spur is a result of plantar Fasciitis. The insole helps align the feet.

The Bunion can be caused by the use of high heels and/or pointy shoes (Triangular) from Shoe-wiki.

The Heels Of Women’s Shoes

Don’t always use a type of jump, the high jump and vary between low.

Types Of Female Heels

Anabela-Jump fully connected to the bottom, with varied height what size decreases the heel towards the middle of the foot.

Comma – with a slight curve generally into the shoe, with models that can point out as well.

Ballerina-high heels, half thick, with a slight bend at the back and straight in your interior.

Cuban-heel medium, thick, bent forward.

Reel-medium to high jump, with waist format.

Half leg-stiletto heel platform wedge just on the instep.

Needle-thin, straight jump with size ranged from 6 to 15 cm.

Square-thick heel and square with varying heights.

Geometric-lush and different format, with empty spaces as if they were floating on air.

Cone-as the name says, it looks like a cone, ice cream, medium-sized and comfortable.

Straight jump – high heels without inclination, aligned with the heel.

Flat-shoe almost no heel with 1 cm on average jump Wed spans the back of the shoe, heel.

Platform-jumping that encompasses the entire sole of the shoe, and from the top of the heel to the instep.

Bell-heels thick medium that opens like a Bell at the bottom.

Robust-with thick heel size low, medium and high.

The stiletto heel is the worst shoe for your feet, square heels already, Cuban, anabela and platform give more security and comfort when walking.