Flowery Shoes Gain Prominence among the Trends of 2016

Summer  is a vibrant season and asks for more cheerful and colorful prints in the look.  Proof of this is that the flowery shoes have already painted in pre-collections of international brands such asLanvin, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta, which guarantees that the trend will be all in 2016. Therefore, the time to bet on floral shoes is now.

As its name suggests, the trend consists in the application of prints or flower-shaped adornments on the feet. It can be in sneakers, flatforms, oxfords or sandals. Regardless of the model in question, the fact is that all adepts of  casual chic fashion can enjoy the trend.

Flowery shoes: how to wear?

There are several ways to create an interesting production with flowered shoes. The first step is to choose the model of your choice: there are versions with larger  floral prints, but also other more discreet, which bring some harmony between the tones. It all depends on your style and how much you want to show off your shoes.

Both sneakers, when flatforms, oxfords and sandals with flowers marry very well with  typical summer  clothes: little dresses, shorts, short or long skirts, overalls and bibs. Another positive point is that flowery shoes are democratic, as they can be present in a comfy day-to-day look or in more chic party productions.

It is also possible to release  creativity and create superstitious looks. The more discreet can leave the highlight of the look on the shoe and opt for more sober clothes, including the basic black and white. To give an up, accessories like maxicolares or maxibrincos are alternatives.

Already daring women can bet on a production line in the   modern, creating a mix of prints. For example, wear flowery shoes with a flowery dress. Or even go beyond and invest in footwear stamped with pieces of striking features.

Care when wearing flowery shoes

The main care needed when wearing flowered  shoes  is to ensure the  harmony of the look. Keeping in mind the place where you want to parade the model is also important. The work environment may not be the best option for a bold and full production of prints, with flowered dresses and shoes in the same composition.

Therefore, when the place demands a  more polished look, prefer to marry the flowery shoe with neutral pieces. White is a great choice. Already a party or a meeting between friends can be the ideal occasion to bet on a more playful and conceptual production, with a full visual of colors.

The flowery shoe is also the ideal companion of a girlie look, very romantic and feminine. Therefore, it is worth abusing shoes in summer, including on the beach. Use fearlessly with cute skirts, dresses and accessories, such as necklaces and  long earrings . You will surely sweep away.

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