Former Sun CEO Says That Google Do Not Need Licenses for Android Java

by | July 29, 2017

An important testimony that could serve as a great help for Google in this case has been heard today at the trial between Oracle and Google. Statements has made them the former CEO of Sun Microsystems Jonathan Schwartz, who abandoned the owner of Java when it was bought by Oracle in 2010.

Schwartz has said that Sun had no problem that Google will use the Java APIs without any license, did them not need, just they would ask Google a license if it used to promote the brand and logo of Java, something that never happened to Android.

When asked by the lawyer for Google, Robert Van Nest, if Java APIs were proprietary or protected by the company, Schwartz said that not, that the Java APIs are free so everyone can use them.

Schwartz has also explained in that consisted the famous negotiations that had Sun and Google Android. Google wanted to use Java to launch first Android devices on the market, but Sun wanted that to those devices they call Java Phones, something that I do not accept Google and it was when I believe their own APIs, the Java-based. Sun just wanted to charge for the use of its brand, and It had no problems because Google will create its Java-based or in the dalvik virtual machine APIs.

This statement can give an important twist to this case, since Google has always maintained that at the time Sun did not put them problems when they were informed of its intentions to create their own Java-based API, with what judge leading the case could consider it as a conjugation between the two companies contract now that former Sun CEO has verified that version.