Galaxy S4 Version Quad Core Something Short Stays against The HTC One in Their First Tests, Nor to Say against 4 Tegra

After the presentation of the S4 Galaxy it was matter of time which are the first results you objects in performance testing. Thus, we bring you the first benchmark of the device, where does not go overly well stopped.

It’s the test Antutu, widely known and with which we have already measured to multiple devices. In it, the S4 Galaxy Gets some nothing despicable 21,000 points.

But before proceeding with comparisons to other great we must clarify some things. This test device mounts a 600 to 1.9 GHz Snapdragon It is possible that via software is not all that should be in your release, optimized as there is still over one month for the same.

Besides this benchmarks vary too much from one device to another peer in similar conditions, they are purely indicative. Without going any further, the results of an HTC One can range between 21,000 and 25,000 points, according to data from own benchmarks and shown more down.

So as we see, the Galaxy S4 remains slightly below, and if we add that the HTC One easily reaches 25,000. Needless to say if we compare them with the performance data of the Tegra 4 published by NVidia a few weeks ago.

Yet for the entire suite of benchmarks to see what your maximum result, in addition to try this great unknown that is Exynos 5 Octa giving life to the most striking of this phone version, to be combined due to its low consumption in tasks of low demand.