Don’t forget yourself in Christmas rush: Estimates at the last minute

by | November 27, 2016

Do you have a little forgotten yourself while you worked, gotten a handle on most of the Christmas gifts and filled the refrigerator to Christmas events?

here you get four tips for quick purchases that make you both beauty and delicious over Christmas. Most can be purchased there, where you still get past in connection with the last Christmas shopping.

pantyhose – be prepared if the stitches run
Have you forgotten to get a handle on the stockings to Christmas dress or do you just like to have a few extra on hand if there is a mask?
So nap a few stockings with home from the supermarket. Since we made our great guide to pantyhose stockings from the following supermarkets got words of praise along the way: the grocery store, Supermarket, Lidl, Netto, Facts, and Rema.
You can view the entire guide here

nail polish – a nice touch for the Christmas clothes
Nail Polish in a great color helps to give a fine finish for your Christmas look. Should it go a little faster is a new Nail Polish is easier to put on than an old case that is about to become a distinctive thick and takes a long time to dry. You can easily get hold of a new Nail Polish, for example, if you need to in H & M or Matas to buy the last gifts. In H & M has the fine varnishes have a good shelf life for 24.95 USD. The same is true in Matas, where you can get those little bottles of varnish from the Depend at prices from $ 24.95.
Remember overlak, so the lacquer can keep themselves neat over the holidays.
Tørshampoo – delicious hair without shampooing
You will not be able to reach a bath with shampoo before you need to progress to the next Christmas event, so tørshampoo is your best friend when you need to get delicious hair in record time.
Should you nevertheless at the pharmacy, you can here buy the French tørshampoo classic from Klorane to 109.50 DKK

Facial mask – ta ‘ a timeout
A face mask with NAP home from H & M, if you do get past one last time before Christmas. They cost 19.95 and can be your good excuse to take a brief timeout in your own company, so you can let up a bit, if your Christmas days develops into a frenetic direction. Not only do you get time to breathe. Your face gets also a little Christmas gift in the form of moisture or cleansing.