Going Camping in the Fishery? Check Out 4 Items That You Need to Have

Spend a weekend fishing, going camping with friends or family, is one of the great pleasures of life. But the fun is complete and no problem arises in the path, you need to have on hand a series of items to camps.

We list below the most important items to your bag of camping in fishery ! Check now:

Flashlight: indispensable for the night in remote locations

Camping in fishery involves spending the night somewhere far away, with little infrastructure, which means the probability of not having electricity or lamps with you.

So, a lantern is an essential item for anyone who goes to a camp, I mean the only source of light during the night, if necessary.

It is important to select a good flashlight to get to camp. Stay tuned on three points that a good flashlight should have:

  • Reach and power of illumination;
  • Battery life;
  • Durability of the flashlight.

Some flashlights , for example, has a range of 500 meters light, two stages (one of them with the rechargeable battery lasting up to 50 hours!) and is super-durável, made for situations like this even. So, choose a good flashlight to light your fun!

Tent: essential for camping in fishery

The tent is the Center and the most important piece of a camp, no doubt. To whom part for good fishing, having a reliable and comfortable tent is sure a few hours of rest between a fish and others. To your ideal tent will depend on the amount of people who will be in that fishing with you and can fit two, three, four or even eight people !

Choose your tent to camping in fishery with conscience, preferring a comfortable and spacious tent instead of a cheaper and that may leave you in the lurch in a time of need. Don’t forget also to a set of extra stakes and a sealant to seams of tents for unforeseen cases and a problem.

Pocket knife: Security item

A knife is another essential item for camping in fishery -and even to fishing itself. With a multitude of functions (that can go from seven to 33 functions) a Pocket knife is a real handy in the time of breaking branches during the camp and also when you catch some of the biggest fish of your life, to deal with the hook, cut lines and catch fish.

Insect repellent: don’t leave home without it

camping in fishery involves a direct contact with the loss of some facilities that are modern and comfortable urban life. The absence of gnats and mosquitoes, for example, is something that only who is the big city lives daily and don’t realize how comfortable it is.

Upon arriving at the camp, an insect repellent is necessary, since we can be attacked viciously by mosquitoes and other insects. So don’t skimp on the insect repellent!

These are the main items that are necessary at the time of camping in fishery. And you, what item you never leave out in time to go to camp? Leave your comments at sportingology.com!