Greatest hits: Kristines favorite column

by | December 3, 2016

there is no doubt that you love our columns! Whether it’s an appeal to the fashion industry or a loving kick in the pants for you, then it is always because that gets you in the comment fields. For both Natasha and my experiences from a life as a plus size, is something you can recognize – and we love it when you share your own experiences, feelings, and experiences. It gives us the motivation to continue, and it helps to give Curves Ahead an extra dimension with even more value. Keep it up!

This is my favorite column of the columns I’ve written for you in the course of the year. It is an appeal to you and to me – – about to wave goodbye to victim role. To straighter spine and dare to demand proper clothing – even if we are plus size. Read or reread – – via the link here:

say goodbye to victim role