Greatest hits: Kristines favorite column from Camilla

some of the most difficult by making it free from all the prejudices and attitudes who are plus size-bodies, is to deal with it, one encounters from the immediate family. We know from the many comments and mails in sent us – and we know from ourselves. Why is this from my favorite of her many columns Momme. Because it contains a small ordudveksling between her and her mother – and because I know exactly how difficult it can be to get said just the words to her that (hopefully) is the one who loves the most. Mother-daughter-relationship is probably one of the most complicated, we women encounter in our lives, so if our mom says or does anything, so is the importance of the multiplied.

so I sank a lump when I read his column here from – and I rootede for wild Momme on her behalf! And P.S., I know well – Natasha’s mother. She’s fabulous!

read yourself what happened right here:

Finished with being bold and embarrassed