Guide: Find the neck line,that makes you best fit

by | March 27, 2017

When you need to party, it is not just about having a nice dress on. It is also about that you should feel good about yourself. Here plays an important role, the neckline because it gives you the feeling of being more or less undressed.

here you get Wizard that gives you tips on what you should be aware of in relation to your party kjoles


Round neck is the most traditional carving because the garments of all as a starting point. That is why it is a cutout, we often buy without thinking about the fact that a round neck is not just a round neck.
To the round neck works positively for us thick women, it is important that the round carving is deep. The deep round neck gives the illusion that we are higher, which have a slimming effect. On the other hand close to the sitting frame cut our throat, it creates the illusion that we have a short neck, which causes us to look more compact and therefore more thick.
Although the round carving is deep, this is anyway the neckline that shows the least of your body. Therefore, this slicing perfectly for you, there’d be fine without showing too much cleavage.

Lace dress, up to size 58, ca. 815 USD + shipping, Lane Bryant – search by Lace Illusion Dress
Blue dress up to size 54, ca. 838 USD + shipping, Talbots

V-neck is as a starting point, thick women’s good friend, since this carving makes us look taller and therefore slimmer out. The illusion occurs because v carving get our neck to look further out. You can choose the traditional v neckline or select v with a twist in the form of a wrap around effect. You will be more or less clothed, depending on how deep a v-cut you choose.

Traditional v, up to size 54, ca. 544 DKK, ASOS
Turn on v, up to size 54, ca. 534 + shipping, Talbots

This carving is another twist on v neck, but it receives in this context, a separate words with on the road, since the heart shape, as this type of v is perfect for celebration, because it puts more focus on cleavage. This cut draws much attention towards your bossom. That is why this cut to you, who is not afraid to get a little extra attention.

Blue and black dress, up to size 52-54, ca. 743 USD + shipping, Navabi
Black dress, up to size 60, ca. 543 USD + shipping, Kiyonna

The waterfall is an elegant classic, like v-neck make us look taller and therefore slimmer out. This cut is good to give shape to the women with small breasts, since fallen gives fullness in front. It is the same reason why women with very large breasts should consider a dress with waterfall, since the fabric to the front of the dress gives even more gravity to an already vast area.

-flowered dress, up to size 52-54, 259.95 USD + shipping, Juna Rose

Grey dress, up to size 54-56, 599.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

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