Headphones Ferrari Cavallino T250, The Luxury Italian

by | May 12, 2017

Luxurious, the 250 is certainly, with its dressed leather roll bar full skin, metal craft, its ultra comfortable pad folding structure and its airy and refined design, it’s a beautiful object.

Touch is also nice, is clearly part of a construction of exception. The supplied case is carbon, and comes with 2 removable cables and tangle, one of the 2 is equipped with a remote control compatible mobile devices Apple. Note that the second cable offers a remote control 1-button compatible Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry devices, it’s rare enough to be reported. An adapter Jack and another for aircraft are also provided. The format of the T250 lends itself perfectly to a portable listening because of itslightness (215 g) and its phonic insulation.

Connected to a Cowon Z2, this headset offers restitution pulling low frequencies, with a forward sensitive development of the register, to the detriment to me from the rest of the spectrum. The medium is in decline, slightly muffled and acute climbs not as high as you could wish. According to themotorcyclers.com, this headset is obviously not the ideal choice for intimate music, it will be more comfortable on the rock, Reggae or Electronica. And indeed he speaks with emphasis on the “Dub Fire” of Aswad, with a soundstage very–too? -close, not unpleasant but lacking in neutrality. And is not listening to the “If Señor” of Gloria Estefan”which alter this sensation, the 250 is very physiological, strangely less neutral and less faithful than his brother yet visually very colorful, the 200 p. The design of the T250 reminds restitution felted and air but there is nothing, it is much more comfortable with the dynamic musical styles than with Jazz or classical music.

If you are looking for a beautiful, luxurious, rendered round and physiological, helmet the 250 is made for you. For a lighter and more subtle restitution, the P200 of the same manufacturer will be most appropriate.