HA & Momme: how we will be ready to party

the photo above is from Kristines birthday way back in 2009 and already then had – Ha and Momme completely different ways to make itself ready to feast on. Read below why – and get good advice on how to create a party look that’s right for you.

I plan seldom my look from head to toe – perhaps because I’ve tried to do it before, only to find that I am not at all had it good in the outfit, I had planned. And so it is in my eyes complete work and wasted time. Why is my tactics are now quite different. Random’s tactics, you can call the.

day determines my party look
I have a bunch of simple party dresses in my closet – clean lines, not too much decorations, eternal. And then when it is time to dress me on, how about an hour before departure, I choose the dress, I have the best – in exactly that moment. Most often, I know right away, i’ll look into the community, what model it must be. And sometimes it turns out that it must be the pants – in other words, just as are pants, I also use on a daily basis, combined with a w. lining.
This is my foolproof shortcut to an outfit that fits my mood – for I am of the belief that it could be seen several kilometers away, if I have clothes on, as I do not feel at home in. on the other hand, I have clothes on, which matches the day, I know that I have it comfortably throughout the evening and can relax – which always makes me a better and more fun guest.

Accessories complete the outfit
What then makes sure that I actually ends up looking festive out, is my accessories: a pair of bling-bling earrings, high heels from Christian Louboutin and a clutch, most often my oversized black from Marc by Marc Jacobs. And then of course the red lipstick. With the small details, can I really just have a black dress on – and looks everyday anyway as if I spent a really long time in front of the mirror. So do not need to know that I usually just sits and relaxes on the sofa all day before the party.

2. Listen to your gut feeling in front of the mirror – it may well be that you are thinking that the dress is fine, ‘ if only you sit down the entire evening ‘, but it will always be felt at you. Tag clothes on, you feel like you fit in with the same – and whether you are sitting, standing or dancing.

3. Drop the boring

, comfortable cotton cardigan – no matter how beautiful and festive your dress is, you draw the right down on the ground with a cardigan over. Would you like to hide the upper arms, then buy a party dress with a small sleeve – or invest in one of the season’s Tuxedo jackets to have over.

getting ready to party, starts for me in the moment when I receive the invitation. Mentally, I am in the process of scanning the wardrobe of suitable clothes and think about how I should style my look for that reason. Here I am so my mother’s daughter. For I am brought up to make a little extra out of himself and his attire, when someone takes the trouble to invite for dinner or party.

Show the hosts respect
Also, I am my mother’s daughter in the sense that I have clothes in my closet, which only will be used for special occasions. This means that I have a share clothes hanging, as very rarely being used, simply because it requires a special occasion. This is probably also the reason why I often is the in the company, which arrives overdressed. But hey, I love a reason to do a little extra out of myself, and I also think that it shows the hosts respect by doing a little extra out of themselves.

Ready at least one week before
I can’t remember when I last have been out buying new clothes for the feast from head to toe. Most of my formal wear has in fact many years old, but it does not matter. The fun for me is just to spend time to style my evening wear and put it together in new ways. Usually I have a handle on my attire at least a week before the party. So hang it on the door, and I go and am looking to have it on.


A clutch or a smaller handbag stresses your festive look. My favorite party bags are a little clutch in black ostrich skins for the classic look and a clutch with leoprint when I would give my look a little edge.


Jewelry is an easy way to upgrade your look for party. As you can see from the picture, I went for many years for celebration with flowers put on my clothes. For the time being is the statement neck chains I find when I’m going to party.