Hoeg’s favorites: Sequins

the easiest shortcut to a festive look is of course no doubt – the small, shiny sequins detail that captures the candles and spotlights and causes you to radiation. I love that pailletterne today is being used with such great ingenuity – it is not just a top covered completely with sequins. For example, once I bought a one-shoulder dress completely covered with black, oversized sequins. It was simply so heavy, that I never got it on. It pulled itself down, and was also super unpleasant to sit in one like bother so not really the.

Type your character with sequins
But just look at the favorite finds, I have found here. Pailletterne is more detail than an actual material, and the patterns and effects will be used to focus on specific parts of the body. This means that you – if you’re looking for – you can use sequin occupied items to shape your figure. Or at least shape other people’s perception of your shape. And determine how they should look. For the power you have with the right clothes.

how it works sequins
As we have previously mentioned, are sequins one of the kinds of things you have to be critical of. For the simple reason that sequins is shiny – and therefore tend to do around rounder. For example, you have a large bosom, you just need to be aware that a top completely covered with sequins will boost your child – not that it makes anything, at all, unless you are tired of your large breasts, of course. The same is true of the buttocks, stomach, thighs. Conversely, you can of course also create forms where you wish there was some. In other words, you must make sure that the shimmering decorations sitting there where the clothes you best. But then you are also ready to take the dance floor – or just beam a little more on an otherwise gray winter day. Shine on!

Viskosetop with garnish and open back, up to the size XXL, 359.95 USD + shipping, Juna rose

Viskosetop with sequin collar, up to size 50, ca. 675 USD + shipping, Booth

Jersey blouse with sequins and prints up to size 52, ca. 170 USD + shipping, URGap.eu

GOOD for the BULB
Viskosetop with sequin stripes and open back, up to size XL, $ 599.95. + shipping, Zizzi

Skater dress with paillettop, up to size 56, ca. 435 USD, Asos

GOOD at the BAR
Top with sequin pattern, up to size 60, ca. 835 kr + shipping, Simply Be

Jacket in uldmiks with sequins, up to size 52, ca. 650 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer

Contains: with sequins, onesize, 179 USD + shipping, H & M

Open sequin blazer with long lapels, up to size 54, 599 USD + shipping, Balsamik with

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