HIP, HIP HOORAY! Today filling Curves Ahead a year

it is rare, I get tongue tied and not really have the word of my power. When it happens, it’s usually because I’m either very angry or very happy in combination with touched.

when I sit here and can’t really get the words to slide, it is of course the last. I’m møghamrende pleased that Curves Ahead today to celebrate a birthday. I am møghamrende proud that Denmark’s first fashion magazine for thick ladies was a success, that makes a difference for our readers, quite as we had hoped and dreamed of, when Kristine and I made us the first thoughts about Curves Ahead back in the autumn of 2013.

Why am I still touched to tears, when I get an email from a reader who says that my magazine has made a difference in her life. Typically, because our articles, fashion matters, as well as tips and tricks have helped many readers strengthen their self esteem and give new light and mod on life.

thank you because in the reader with. Thank you are with to make Curves Ahead here at the magazine and on Facebook and Instagram (@bridgatdek) into a living place, where I also share your tips and personal experiences with me and the other readers.

My favorite articles from the year that has passed On the occasion of the Curves Aheads birthday I have chosen three articles, which for me stands out most in the mind, when I look back on the year that has gone.

The first is about to shed my own upper arms, which until last summer lived a tucked away lives year round. It must be one of the most personal, I have written so far, since my upper arms really has been my sore spot as thick in a long, long period of years:

My upper arms – the sore spot

Highlight your forms instead of covering your entire body. The phrase is my faithful companion when I put me to the keys and write articles for Curves Ahead. The phrase is probably mostly grown out of this guide, as I wrote shortly after that, we went on the air:

Belts: Tips and shopping

My acid reflux in this column, I think is something that many of our readers may recognize. In any case I never stop fnyse arrigt, when I will be referred to as a plus-girl because of my size. It was for this column:

Plus-girl? No, I’m a woman

I hope that you also have the desire to read with and share your thoughts and experiences in the coming year. Without you active readers it will just not be quite the same.

And so once again hip, hip hurray … and so this lange: Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!