Quiesce belt? Yes then! Embrace your femininity

by | January 5, 2017

Is Kristine been mad? What do thick women with girdles, thinking you maybe? There was a time when I would never have thought that the small piece of fabric was something for me. I’ve always been thick – ever since I was a little girl. In my school years I mainly went in sweats and played with the boys, I went in as a teenager uformeligt jerseytøj and made sure that it was my brain, it was all about. All in all, I was never good at it with femininity — and certainly not femininity. It was nothing for me, because I felt most like a docker, because of my size. But when I rounded the mid-20s, there began to be something. I bought the skirts and dresses. It was a big step! One day I spoke with my male friends about it, that I did not feel myself feminine. ‘ You are as absolutely wild feminine!!!, exclaimed he surprised and told how I swung with the hips when I went. I was SO happy, and it started to go up for me that being feminine, is about what’s inside – not about what is on the outside.

And before long I allowed myself to buy my first Suspender belt – for me it was the ultimate feminine piece of clothing. To close the small hooks on the stockings lace edges and let a dress or skirt to fall over, it’s magic! So keep up with thinking that you can’t be female and feminine, just because you are plus size. It’s all about what you are thinking about yourself. Turn loose with the hips – and see what happens.

My first Suspender belt was from Prima Donna – and it still holds! Exactly my model no longer available, but check this here fine model out.