How to Get to Fethiye, Turkey

By | November 30, 2022

Tourists in the south-west of Turkey are received by three large air hubs, of which the closest to Fethiye is Dalaman Airport. Flights from Russia are made here by Vim-Avia, Aeroflot, Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines and others. A direct flight from Moscow will take 3.5 hours, the cost of a round-trip ticket is from  1,100 EUR. With a transfer, you can fly 100 EUR cheaper. There are no direct flights from St. Petersburg to Dalaman, a flight with a stopover in Istanbul will cost from 865 EUR, you will have to spend about 8-10 hours one way, or even more. Prices on the page are for August 2022.

Often, tourists heading to Fethiye consider a flight to Antalya. Residents of the northern capital may find this option more convenient – offers with a 6-hour flight are more common.

From airport to city

From Dalaman Airport to Fethiye there are Havas carrier buses (off. site in English). The road to the resort will take about an hour, the fare is 4 EUR. Taxi will cost 49-55 EUR.

Arriving at Antalya airport, getting to the resort is more difficult. Havas, as well as buses No. 600 and 600A, will only take you to the Otogar bus station. From there, buses from several transport companies leave for Fethiye, for example, Kamilkoc and Fethiye Seyahat. A ticket costs about 10 EUR, on the road – 3.5 hours. A taxi will pull at least 224 EUR, this option is suitable for large companies.


According to cachedhealth, the main form of transport in Fethiye is fixed-route taxis, or dolmushi. They are waiting for passengers along the main street of the resort – Ataturk. Transport runs from morning to evening. You can also take a minibus to the immediate surroundings, for example, the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz. Up to 18 TRY will be charged per trip.

In addition, bright yellow taxis scurry around the city in search of customers. Despite the high competition, taxi drivers are in no hurry to reduce prices for services – 1 km here costs 9 TRY. And, as is often the case in resorts, it is better to agree on a price and other subtleties in advance, it will not be superfluous to check the meter readings.

Scooter rental is very popular among vacationers.

Rent a Car

A car in Fethiye is useful if you want to relax actively and informatively. Rented transport will allow you to comfortably explore the ancient cities of Tlos, Kadiandu, Pinara, Xanthos, without adjusting to the schedule of buses and excursions. And the landscapes in the vicinity of the resort are worthy of attention. Going early in the morning to a wild beach or having a picnic on a hill is much easier if you have freedom of movement.

Traveling on Turkish roads will be pleasant – even in small villages they are of excellent quality. But it is difficult to drive around the city center – the traffic in the high season is busy and chaotic.

You can leave the car in the parking lot for free for 15 minutes, an hour in the parking lot costs 5 TRY. Hotel parking is free for guests.

It is better to rent a car in advance via the Internet – then it will be driven directly to the airport. There are rental points in the center of Fethiye, services are provided by Avis, Budget, Circular, Europcar. From 880 TRY per day it will cost to rent a Ford Focus or Hyundai, 2350 TRY will be asked for a minivan.

Fethiye Hotels

About a hundred hotels in Fethiye offer customers accommodation at quite reasonable prices. In the city and the immediate surroundings, accommodation in hotels with two or three “stars” will cost from 580 TRY per day. Hotels class 4 and 5 * – 1255-2500 TRY.

Accommodation near protected areas is more expensive – at 2600 TRY in a 5 * hotel, from 680 TRY – in a 3 * hotel room. The all-inclusive system is widespread in Turkey, such a service is provided mainly by “five”.

You can stay on a budget in local hostels – from 501 TRY per day. Prices for accommodation in mini-hotels and guest houses differ little from hotel ones.

Tourists note the Club & Hotel Letoonia located on the peninsula, which can only be reached by water. Orka Boutique Hotel is also on the list of the best.

What to bring

Shopping lovers should better prepare before traveling to Fethiye – plan a budget and leave more space in your suitcase. After all, it is pleasant to shop in Turkey, because it is cheap, and it is also interesting because it is east.

Turkish tea and sweets will be an excellent overseas treat. Ceramic souvenirs should also be considered for gastronomic souvenirs – richly painted saucers and bowls can be used for their intended purpose or as interior decor. As a rule, one cannot do without buying a piece of jewelry – the prices for jewelry here are low, and the quality and design will impress the most demanding customer.

Textiles and leather are two more items on the list of must-haves. Scarves, clothes, including outerwear, home textiles – all this is in Fethiye. In recent years, Turkish manufacturers have taken a course in footwear – its quality has improved markedly. Stores selling clothes and shoes are located on the street. Ataturk, st. No. 95 (95 sokak) and Carsi Caddesi.

It is better to buy clothes and textiles in stores, and not in the market, where the quality of the goods is questionable. And – the east after all – it is simply necessary to bargain, the price tag can be brought down by 20-30%.

How to Get to Fethiye, Turkey