How to Maintain Swimming Pools and Decks with Colorshop

by | August 1, 2017

The company provides tips for the combination of wood and water will not damage surfaces.

How to Maintain Swimming Pools and Decks with Colorshop

A month of the beginning of the summer the concern of many is how to keep the pools and decks, why Colorshop, the leading chain in paint, presents tips to beautify these spaces so popular for holidays in family.

Julio García, Manager of technical training for Colorshop, argues that for maintenance of swimming pools, there are two possibilities in terms of type of paints according to water-based, solvent-free and ease of application of contaminants or base acrylic rubber, more resistant but requires a workforce more accustomed to your application.

There is no problem to use one way or another, regardless of which it has applied previously provided certain conditions are respected.

The most desirable are:

How to Maintain Swimming Pools and Decks with Colorshop 3
-Wash the entire surface with a brush and detergent to remove all pre-existing fat by suntan-lotions, creams etc.
-Remove mildew and fungus with bleach to 20%.
-Remove plaque in the walls and floors with a solution of muriatic acid, 40% in water
-Ljar the entire surface, rinse properly and dry.

For the last part of the process, apply selected paint diluted properly (with 20% of thinner or water as needed), in such a way that thin hands. Respect the oreo between hands. We recommend two thin hands that a thick and let dry before filling at least 4 or 5 days.

Regarding the reasons for painting pools, Garcia says: “swimming pools can become an element of fun and educational for children. If numbers or letters, geometric shapes, fruits, vegetables or the primary colors are painted on the floor, children will learn playing”.

With the decks, it should be assumed that proximity and contact with the floor or the water of the pool moisture will rot the wood quickly. This will not occur if you perform a good job of preparation, preservation and protection.

How to Maintain Swimming Pools and Decks with Colorshop 2

Colorshop recommends that if it’s a virgin wood, must apply several coats of Preserver Foresta, a potent insecticide and fungicide that will protect you from the attack of insects and microorganisms is increasing its duration.

Then you will apply a hand of impregnation for wood forest Decks, in their versions to the water or solvent properly diluted, the color chosen. Dried, sanded gently in the direction of the wood grain, removed dust and renewed the application of a second hand of Foresta Decks.

This sanding should be repeated on all hands, except the last, to improve the penetration of the forest. It is important that the six faces of the wood to be covered and to apply the amount of hands, until it is completely saturated surface, since as impregnant, its function is to protect from inside the wood. Not shaping film semiporosa completion, will allow you to remove any surplus moisture. High content of wax hidrorepelentes will protect the surface avoiding the wood gets wet and fungus or mildew can occur.

How to Maintain Swimming Pools and Decks with Colorshop 1

As you can see, Colorshop offers tips to prepare surfaces for the summer, that while it is a challenge, can also be an effective solution to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.

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