HTC M8 Get Certified WiFi Leaving Details on Connectivity

The British Supreme Court hinted it a few weeks ago, and we must not be a Nobel Prize to know that HTC already working at full capacity in its new terminal star for 2014, which if we look at the development code will be this HTC M8 which today we told you about, the M7 was finally the One HTC.

A couple of days that documents are filtered by the network of the the aforementioned M8 HTC WiFi certification tests, It let us very interesting details about your connectivity.

It had already talked about that terminal will rise your screen up to 5 inches with resolution FullHD, in addition to new generation Qualcomm Snadpragon 805 chipset, although now already not we bring assumptions, but confirmations.

The M8 from HTC will be enabled to use WiFi in 2.8 and 5 GHz bands, certified 802.11 ac and a/b/g/n. So far nothing new, even if is interesting to see how HTC opted for WiFi Direct and Miracast technologies to connect the peripherals, monitors or other devices.

At the moment, we can little more say on this terminal that will probably be around the next Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, and is that HTC does not usually attend the first trade fair of the year in Las Vegas. Obviously, we’ll see more details about the device in several leaks, so we will watch because very interesting weeks.