Hooray, I have got a new soft trousers

It is no secret that I am pleased with what we in my family calls “the soft trousers”. It revealed I already shortly after Curves Ahead went on the air. You can read or reread here: Show the world the – with soft trousers style

I am very pleased with the blåmønstrede pants, which is included in the first section. It to such a degree that it regularly goes back to images on our Instagram-profile, which you can see here.

that is why I have long felt that it was time for a new pair of soft trousers. The election falls on those who have everything a soft trousers must have: elastic waist and space to

the whole thing.

Soft trousers, up to size 3xl, 199.98 USD + shipping, Bon’a Parte

My new pants is actually pretty close to being a couple jogging busker but it differs from the sportige clothing the subject on at least two points. One is the gauge on the legs. They go into to the ankle instead of just going straight up and down. It gives a little shape to your figure. Secondly, it is ethnically inspired pattern, which is one of the season’s big trend.

is why the pants also of such a design that they don’t have to live a life on the couch tucked away for curtains. For example, I had my new pants on at the cinema this weekend:

And the other day I had them on the totally casual way, while I hung out in my yard:

Steal style jacket up to size 56, 499 USD + shipping, Balsamik with

Ellos t-shirt, up to size 50, ca. 112 USD + shipping, GAP

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